News Three confirmed cases in France, 15 new deaths in...

Three confirmed cases in France, 15 new deaths in China


A patient infected with the coronavirus was admitted to the Bordeaux University Hospital on January 24, 2020. – UGO AMEZ / SIPA

That’s a 60% increase in the number of infections and deaths in 24 hours. The coronavirus that has spread to China has left 15 more dead, bringing the total to 41, the National Health Commission said in a statement. At least 444 new cases of the virus have been discovered, bringing the total number of people infected to 1,287, while three cases have been confirmed in France.

Three confirmed cases in France

Three cases of the new Chinese coronavirus have been “confirmed” in France, on patients hospitalized in Paris and Bordeaux, French health authorities announced Friday evening, stressing that these were the “first European cases”. The three hospital patients, at least two of whom had been to China, were placed in segregation.

“We are in the process of telling the story of these positive patients so as to get in touch with the people they have met,” explained Minister of Health Agnès Buzyn, announcing the first two cases during a briefing. press, noting that the incubation period was probably “around 7 days, between 2 and 12 days”. The third, “a close relative of one of the cases, who was under investigation, has just been confirmed,” the ministry said later in the evening.

“Today we have the first European cases, probably because we developed the test very quickly and are able to identify them,” said the minister. “You have to treat an epidemic like you treat a fire, quickly locate the source” and “circumscribe it as quickly as possible”, she said again.

People in contact called to stay at home

People with whom coronavirus positive patients have been in contact must “take their temperature several times a day, contact center 15 in case of symptoms and stay at home for the moment to avoid any further contact which would promote the spread of virus, “insisted the minister, calling not to go to the emergency room if symptoms arise.

The first patient, aged 48, returned to France on January 22 after “a few days” in China where he notably “passed through Wuhan”, and was hospitalized on Thursday in Bordeaux, said the minister. “He’s fine,” she said.

The patient is taken care of at the Pellegrin CHU “in an isolated room by specialized medical teams whose competence in infectious diseases is internationally recognized”, the hospital center said in a press release to AFP, specifying that it “continues its normal functioning ”without disruption for“ patient reception ”. “The health professionals” of the service “follow the protection protocols in force by wearing (…) gloves, mask and suitable clothing”, he underlined.

Containment and wearing of mask

The patient, a Bordeaux native of China, who had presented Thursday to SOS-Doctors with cough and fever, was treated according to an “absolute emergency” protocol, with confinement, wearing masks and calling 15 before his transfer to the hospital, told AFP the spokesperson for SOS Doctors Bordeaux, Dr Karl Moliexe.

“Because of our operation, by appointment, he met few people in the waiting room, less than 10 people and kept himself away. The risk for other patients is almost zero, ”he said. According to the doctor, the patient from Wuhan had been in France for “at most 24 hours” and had transited through the Netherlands.

The minister, who indicated that she had information on the second positive case just before the press point, was unable to give details of the patient, indicating however that he had gone to China and that he was hospitalized at Bichat hospital in Paris. She noted that it was not possible to control the “multiple routes” to return from China: “we can see the difficulty in a world like ours of closing the borders, it is in reality not possible”.

“For travelers returning from China, it is important to keep an eye on yourself, and at the slightest sign of breathing or if you have a fever, you should not go to the emergency room, you must call center 15 which picks up the patient”, she insisted. China has stepped up efforts to contain the spread of a new killer virus with the confinement of more than 40 million people.




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