Three friends got drunk and ended up pulling their hair in the middle of a flight


A holiday trip that started badly. Three friends who went from London to the Canary Islands (in Spain) they got drunk in mid-flight and they fought between them in such a scandalous manner that the cabin crew had to intervene and, once on the ground, the police. Look also A tourist is detained at an airport in Iceland for wearing too many clothes The women took a flight from the low cost company easyjet at the London Gatwick Airport to Tenerife South, in the Canary Islands. According to the newspaper The Sun published, they ended up with bloody faces and strands of hair torn from the pulls. The British newspaper obtained and published a video that shows part of the fight and the crew trying to dominate the situation. The Sun also contacted a passenger who was traveling on the same flight with her 10-year-old daughter (who is heard crying during the recording). According to the passenger, Angie Dilloway, the women behaved like three friends, but after drinking several shots of vodka began to argue with each other increasingly hotly. The passengers began to complain and a stewardess removed the bottle of vodka, but apparently they continued drinking. It was not easy to dominate the situation for the crew that had to work hard to calm and separate the women, more than 9,000 meters high. Look also Fury in the air: cases of violence among passengers of airplanes grew Once the plane landed in Tenerife, the three women were received by the police.


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