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Three huge asteroids will pass near Earth tomorrow, Saturday!

by archyw

The “NASA” space agency has determined that three huge asteroids will pass tomorrow, Saturday, near the Earth between two o’clock in the afternoon and seven in the evening.

According to “The Sun” newspaper, according to the agency, the largest of these three asteroids is about 30 meters in size, twice the length of tourist buses, while the other two planets are between 13 and 28 meters in size.

The first asteroid, which was called 2018 VS1, will pass within two hours and three minutes on Saturday afternoon, with the passage of the second (2018 VR1) after only 16 minutes. While the third asteroid 2018 VX1 will approach Earth at 18.26 minutes.

“When the sun revolves around the sun, objects near the Earth can sometimes approach the Earth, so there is no need for panic,” the US space agency said. The space agency had previously said that 10 “objects” would pass near the Earth during the current month of November.

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