Three hundred people for Juliet’s gym

Sold out, with a crowd of over 300 people, on Friday for the ribbon cutting of the new multifunctional structure in the Bassa. It is a multipurpose hall of arts and sports named after Giulietta Masina, which, in San Giorgio di Piano, will give new space to so-called ‘minor’ sports, but extremely important to enhance. Martial arts, gymnastics, wrestling, fencing, dance, boxing to offer the community ever greater opportunities for personal development and experience. But shows can also be staged for an audience of up to about 300 people, also thanks to the complete technical equipment that the administration has strongly wanted to integrate into the structure.

The value of the work is 700,000 euros, of which 200,000 are derived from a regional contribution as it is a highly valued energy efficiency project. “The naming of the gym after our Giulietta Masina gave us the opportunity to screen the beautiful documentary visible on Sky Arte and presented to the citizens in the presence of the director Massimo Ferrari and the producer Gaia Capurso, with a video message from the leading actress Camilla Filippi and the greeting of the Rotary president Giulietta Masina Gianluigi Mazzoni – declares the mayor Paolo Crescimbeni -. Again with the aim of enhancing the figure of Juliet, the event opened with the presentation of the large mural created by the artist Rusty. The evening continued at the presence of a representation of all the sports clubs operating in our area and with the interventions of internationally renowned athletes who attend our sports center: Ester Balassini, hammer striker, Antonelle Bragaglia, volleyball player, Erika Morri, rugby player, and Massimo Polacchini, karateka It was also an opportunity to thank the many volunteers and coaches and in particular alc some volunteers who died in recent years and who have given so much to the town and its inhabitants”.

His words are then shared by the Councilor for Sport Roberto Pessarelli: “Three difficult years lived amid so many fears, anxieties and worries. Sport, its strength, its soul, have been the glue that has allowed all of us , together with the sports associations of our territory, to put terrible moments behind us and to reach a goal like this”.

Zoe Pederzini