Three “junior doctors” could join pediatrics at Montluçon hospital in 2023

Several meetings over the summer made it possible to draw up a plan to get out of the rut the pediatric service of the public hospital of Montluçon, which will find itself without a regular doctor from November 1, as well as the emergencies of the same establishment, affirms in a press release the CHU of Clermont-Ferrand, to which the Regional Health Agency has entrusted a support mission.

5,000 people mobilized to save pediatrics at the public hospital in Montluçon (Allier)

In connection with other hospitals in the region

“It is a question of building collectively, by federating the support of all the establishments of the regional hospital group (GHT), in particular the hospitals of Moulins-Yzeure and Vichy, a stable and sustainable system with a sufficient medical staff. to ensure the safety of care in the various disciplines, and in particular adult emergencies and paediatrics”, declares the management of the CHU.

Priority activities

A medical permanence will thus be set up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Montluçon hospital, in order to ensure the management of neonatology activities, vital emergencies and maternity.

At the CHU, more than fifteen pediatricians will participate in medical reinforcements. “It is now a question of supplementing the workforce with the help of the hospitals of Moulins-Yzeure and Vichy in order to maintain a day consultation and hospitalization activity adapted to needs. »

Doctors in 2023

To sustain the pediatrics department, the CHU claims to have taken several measures, such as the establishment of patient transport adapted to pediatrics and the on-call duty of a senior doctor from the Clermont-Ferrand CHU to reinforce the medical organization on site. .

The establishment also points out that a medical support team is being set up, with “three junior doctors (who) have given their agreement to take up their duties at the end of their course from 2023” in pediatrics from Montlucon.

premium Hiba Trraf, the doctor who rushes on the stretchers to save the pediatric department of Montluçon (Allier)

A return to normal in November 2023?

“The dynamic initiated within the Territoires d’Auvergne group by the CHRU of Clermont-Ferrand, with which all the stakeholders are associated, already makes it possible to continue the essential pediatric activities of Montluçon beyond November 1, 2022. The systems are gradually being put in place with the prospect of stabilized activity in November 2023”, concludes the press release.

Holes in the schedule

Today alone in post in the pediatric department of the Montluçon hospital, Hiba Trraf puts the effect of the measures announced into perspective. In the short term, she notices that there are holes in the schedule of the replacements who will go to Montluçon. “At the moment, in November and December, there are seven times twenty-four hours without any doctor, even for pediatric emergencies. She also points out that the lack of doctors will make it compulsory to close beds – the Montluçon pediatrics department has twenty-six of them – as we approach a period conducive to epidemics in children. “We are setting up a transport system, very good, but there are not going to be more beds in neighboring hospitals”, continues the pediatrician, who is leaving Montluçon on October 31.

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Guillaume Bellavoine