Three large companies unexpectedly supported the sale of Arm NVIDII

NVIDIA has yet to persuade the UK regulators, which are about to thoroughly investigate its intention to acquire Arm, including in terms of national security. Then, in the eyes of many, NVIDIA worsened its position by introducing ARM-based Grace processors, which will be an integral part of its server future. Voices began to grow, warning that NVIDIA would start bending the entire Arm company so that it would primarily serve its benefit.

Recently, Qualcomm also spoke in favor of an alternative path, the creation of a community of investors. Together, they would buy Arm instead of NVIDIA, or it could certainly add itself, and it was stated that the proposal has so far been supported by Tesla and Amazon.

We could expect the ranks of Qualcomm-led companies to expand and other users of Armu technology to join. And indeed, there have been heavy weights in the industry, from Broadcom, MediaTek and the Marvell Technology Group, but to support NVIDIA, which is crucial at the moment. Broadcom and MediaTek are currently among the top ten largest chip vendors in the world, and it’s no wonder that this also applies to TSMC’s ranking of the largest customers.

It should also be noted that Qualcomm and Broadcom are very close to each other and recently wanted to merge into one, which was blocked by the then US President Donald Trump. In this respect, however, they clearly disagree and have differing views on what the acquisition of Arm NVIDIÍ means to them. Some may see this as an opportunity or a positive development, and others may see the danger of NVIDIA usurping Armu technology primarily for itself.

Now the question is, which side can Apple, which is a very important manufacturer (and a clear number one among TSMC customers), which is still in the process of moving from x86 to its own chips based on ARM architecture and then Samsung using this architecture mainly in their mobile SoCs. Microsoft has already spoken out, worried about NVIDIA’s plan.

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