Three men arrested for a brutal assault on a young man in Elche and one of the perpetrators escapes to London

Agents of the National Police have managed to identify and arrest the alleged perpetrators of a “brutal aggression” in Elche to a 21-year-old who was cut in the face with a knife and stabbed with a punch in the buttock . As if that were not enough, they ended up prod a dog to bite himin addition to also hitting and kicking him when he was defenseless on the ground.

The events took place in a park in the Carrus neighborhood where, apparently, two men had met to resolve a previous dispute, according to witnesses and the victim herself.

When the victim arrived at the scene, accompanied by three other friends, he saw there the other man with whom he had arranged to solve the problem, who was accompanied by at least twenty other people, according to the National Police.

At one point and without saying a word, one of these individuals dealt what the witnesses identified as a strong blow to the face of his friend, who fell to the ground with profuse bleeding on his face. Later, it was learned that this blow to his face had been a aggression with a White weapon.

The aggressors, taking advantage of this moment of defenselessness of the victim, they stuck an awl in his buttock and they beat him, between three people, with kicks and punches in the head.


Stunned by the aggression his friend was suffering, the victim’s companions tried to help him. However, two of the aggressors defiantly showed him the bladed weapons they were carrying, causing them to immediately back away, while they continued to attack the victim.

One of the alleged perpetrators, the man with whom the victim had supposedly arranged to solve the pending issue and who had shown up at the scene with a dog pitbull breed, not content with the aggression already produced to the victim, the dog encouraged him to bite him in the buttock. The dog finally did bite the victim’s buttock, according to the witnesses and that could also be certified in the subsequent medical exam which was done in the hospital.

After the brutal beating, the alleged perpetrators they fled the place quickly, leaving the victim lying on the ground and bleeding profusely. He himself was helped by his friends who picked him up and took him in a vehicle to the General Hospital of Elche, from where they had to transfer him to the General Hospital of Alicante because he had to receive emergency maxillofacial surgery due to the wound produced in the face.

The victim, according to the medical reportHe had a deep wound on his left chin, nasal erosions, incised wounds on his right hand, supposedly caused when trying to defend himself from the assault with a knife, and an incised wound on the left buttock. He was discharged from hospital four days after the assault.

The investigations were carried out by Group 1 of the Judicial Police of the Police Station of Elche of the National Policewho were able to identify the four alleged aggressors, among whom was a minor, whom, based on the statements of the witnesses and the victim herself, they detained and took statements at police stations.

Nevertheless, the main alleged aggressorwhom everyone identified as the one who stabbed the victim and who incited the dog, according to the investigation, took a flight to London the day after the bloody event, so his arrest is still pending.

With regard to those who were arrested, of Spanish and Romanian nationalities, aged between 17 and 26 years of age, they were heard in a statement at police stations and were placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction on duty of the same locality one of them and leaving the minor and the other arrested while waiting to be summoned to appear in court.