The Local Police of Gijón has intervened this morning at a home on Avenida de la Constitución where three minors they were jumping from one balcony to another. It’s about two girls from 9 and 5 years and a child of 3 they were alone at home. It was a neighbor on the same street who gave notice of the situation to the Local Police Control Center at around 9:30 in the morning.

The events occurred on a ninth floor of a building in the Torres Sedes de Pumarín. The Police received a call giving notice that three minors were playing jumping from one window to another. Analyzing the traffic security cameras, they captured the moment when one of the children tried to access the balcony of the next floor.

A Local Police patrol and a crew of Firefighters move to the place where they proceed, at first, to safeguard the integrity of the minors and their identification. At that time it was found that it was two girls of 9 and 5 years old and a boy of 3. They were not accompanied by an adult and after making the appropriate inquiries, the agents located her mother who I was working. In a few minutes he appeared at the house and was in charge of his children.

The facts have been reported to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and Social Services.

In Alicante, last March 2017, firefighters rescued a five-year-old girl who was hanging from the window of an apartment in the Plaza de Luceros in Alicante.


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