Three new features for more privacy

WhatsApp was repeatedly criticized for not taking user data protection seriously enough. Facebook recently extended the window of time in which messages can be deleted. Now there are more innovations, as Mark Zuckerberg reported on Facebook himself.


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The innovations are: online status, leave groups and screenshots

  • More control over online status: As a user, you can soon determine who owns your Online-Status may see. This is a display of whether you are currently “online”. You will be able to determine who can see whether you are currently online or not.
  • Group chat exit: WhatsApp groups will be available soon too left quietly and secretly. If you leave a group, only the group administrator will be informed in the future. But not other group members.
  • No screenshots for STS: From media content that is only for one-time view were sent, can then no screenshots more to be created. Single-view media are images, videos or sound recordings that can only be played once. However, this is currently still being tested.

The features for online status and leaving the group for users should be available as early as August 22.

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