Three people were injured in an accident involving a bus with children

“The regional fire operations center received information about the accident at 12:36 p.m. Professional firefighters from the station in Havířov went to the scene with two emergency vehicles. Later, the commander of the intervention called a chemical vehicle from the station in Karviná to the scene,” informed the representative spokesman of the Moravian-Silesian fire department, Lukáš Popp.

Firefighters secured all the vehicles against the fire. “The crashed bus was leaking diesel fuel from a punctured tank. Firefighters therefore temporarily sealed the tank with a special sealant. The firemen pumped the remaining diesel fuel into the spare bus that arrived for all the children and their companions. Firefighters covered the spilled diesel on the road with a sorbent,” he described.

After paramedics took care of the injured and the police finished investigating the accident, firefighters cleared the road so that traffic could resume on it. The road was impassable for the entire duration of the intervention of the Integrated Rescue System.