Three Pines: Teaser for the crime series with Alfred Molina – In search of the truth

Doctor Octopus actor Alfred Molina slips into the role of Canadian investigator Armand Gamache for Amazon Prime Video. Based on Louise Penny’s crime series, the series follows the Inspector’s murder investigations in the idyllic East Coast town of Three Pines.

„Evil reached into the ground in Three Pines.“

It is not yet known which case the creators of the series have chosen from the 18 novels published so far. The teaser gives the impression that this is rather conventional crime fare, but Molina alone should be worth a look. The likeable actor seems to embody the role of the level-headed inspector perfectly. He also stars Donald Sutherland’s son Rossif as Gamache’s colleague Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Here is the atmospheric poster motif for the series.

Three Pines Poster

Three Pines premieres on Amazon Prime Video in December.

via: geektyrant