Sports Three points in play and nothing more

Three points in play and nothing more


An authentic roller coaster of results and emotions explains the recent trajectory of Llagostera. Accustomed to living in smaller categories, in recent years it has done nothing but collect ascents and also some descents. The sky touched it in June 2014, when it climbed to Second Division A.

A success for a club in a town of just over 8,000 inhabitants. It took three promotion knockouts to make the dream a reality. Finally, he got rid of Nastic. Hard to forget the last game, at the Municipal. A comeback, tension and euphoria to give birth to a rivalry that continues in Tarragona but which has long been decided to leave behind in Girona. This evening (8pm), both teams see each other again. This time, in a league match and in Second B. It will be the first time they have faced the Municipal after that afternoon five and a half years ago (when they met in Second A in Llagostera he was playing in Palamós).

They are presented with opposite dynamics and moods. The Llagostera, who comes from Third and has maintained the block, is ninth. He has signed a remarkable first lap, scoring 28 points closer to him play-off than direct descent. On the contrary, Nastic has not adapted to the new reality months after losing the category and leaving professional football behind. He is third in line and has won only four games. New defeats have already accumulated. One of them, the first, precisely against the Girona team at the Nou Stadium (1-3).

However, manager Oriol Alsina has a downside that today's match will be "extremely difficult". "It's one of the most expensive templates. For me, the best in the category. It's not normal for me to be down there and I think it has time to reverse the situation. Surely he will be saved, "he says when speaking to Nastic. He praises Toni Seligrat, a coach who is "very knowledgeable in the category" and also "very competitive", remembering that "he has a lot of arguments" to play a guarantee team "whoever is on the pitch. ».

Alsina is also committed to the page of the rivalry that was born of that eliminatory one to go up to Second A. "We will always remember what happened that day, we will never forget this because it was historic for us. But now the reality is another. It's a football game, with three points in play. Can't compare.

Before it was a matter of winning or losing. We now have more room to maneuver». Although he confesses that a victory would be a great stimulus. "If we win we will leave them at thirteen points and this is a world away. If we lose, an opponent who struggles to keep going will get closer to seven. " And he ends it: "If we are at our best, I'm convinced that we can win any team."

Alsina has the casualties of long-time injured Pitu Comadevall, David Bigas and Jordi Maymí. They are not the only ones discarded. Alex Cobos is also not available; he suffered a shoulder injury playing with the subsidiary and will be out of the squad. The manager hopes that, despite the weekends and the cold, there is a good atmosphere in the Municipal. "We will need our people, I hope a lot will come."

For its part, Nàstic has not been winning for more than a month and has been stranding for three days without knowing the victory. Seligrat will already have Javier Ribelles available, signed this week. The midfielder just did his first training session yesterday.


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