Three reasons to love the underrated Skoda Rapid

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Why the Rapid is one of the most intelligible cars in the class.

Skoda Rapid is considered one of the best-selling cars of the Czech brand in Russia. That’s just the “old man” Volkswagen Polo sells 1.5 times better, Hyundai Solaris – 2 times better, and Kia Rio – 3 times. And this despite the fact that the luggage compartment of the Rapida is the largest in the class and amounts to 530 liters. But the trunk is far from the only strong point of the “Czech”.

Another competitive advantage of the Skoda Rapid is under the hood. This “sturdy” is equipped with a gasoline 1.4-liter turbo engine with a capacity of 125 “horses”, which is combined with a 7-band “robot” DSG with 2 dry clutches. According to the passport, such a “Rapid” goes to “hundreds” in 9 seconds, but in fact it can “make” any D-class sedan at the traffic lights. At the same time, the fuel consumption of the Czech liftback is quite modest – 7 liters per 100 kilometers in the combined cycle.

There is an opinion that Rapid is built on the same platform as the Polo sedan, but this is not entirely true. Both there and there, the “cart” is called BQ25, and this is the platform of the old Golf. That’s just the Polo is built on the version with the A05 index, while the Rapid got a slightly more pumped version with the A05 + index, which has a larger wheelbase, wider front track, other elements in the suspension, and the mass of the car is less.

Visually, the interior did not differ much: the supply of space, decoration materials, armchairs – all this is at the same level as that of competitors. But in terms of useful options, the Czechs are not small and will please their consumers with heated seats, power windows, electric power steering and starting the engine with a button.

It turns out that Rapid is endowed with at least three reasons to love it – this is a huge trunk, a powerful and economical engine and rich equipment. In the Russian market, the Czech is rightfully considered the coolest in the segment, but still underestimated and not the most popular. What is the matter? “Rapid”, like “Rio” with “Solaris”, have long gained 6 zeros in their price tags, but do not forget that these are budget cars, and then it turns out that the decisive factor is their cost, which is faster for Rapid than the rest – 1,136,000 rubles in average configuration against 1,080,000 for the “top” Rio.

Nevertheless, Skoda sells 4 models on the Russian market, of which 3 consistently fall into the top 25 most popular cars in Russia. KIA, on the other hand, sells 14 models, but only 3 get into the top 25 too. This means if Skoda wants Rapid to become more popular, it will become, because they know how to arrange it.



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