three reasons to watch Vassili Silovic’s documentary

“May an impure blood water our furrows”. Words and music, if we had to review everything about our national anthem? It is the decision of the director of “La Marseillaise-Remix” to see in replay.

The controversy is not new. With its warlike words and its rhythmic military march, our national anthem “the Marseillaise” does not please everyone and attempts to modify it are legion. It is also the bias of director Vassili Silovic who reveals to us a mysterious remix of patriotic song.

Here are three good reasons to watch it.

It is an MEP who says it “These are words that I find it hard to sing and that I say very softly. ” Fabienne Keller is not the only one that Rouget de Lisle’s warlike remarks, dating from the French Revolution, are inconvenient. Here and there, associations, strong voices rise to ask that they be modified by giving them a more peaceful tone. We even scrutinize the pre-game of the French team, which, of the players, sings them or does not sing them. Karim Benzema, by his systematic silence, will suffer from many criticisms. But is it so easy to modify a hymn that, from generation to generation, is repeated at each official ceremony?

3. You still wonder why it is called the Marseillaise

“Marseillaise”, while it was composed by a sieur de Lisle (yet Franc-Comtois ?!) in town hall of Strasbourg. Isn’t that a very nice triangulation for the anthem of a nation? For the historical reminder see the doc or consult this link. The French anthem, like the tricolor flag and the motto are emblems supposed to unite the people. If by its words or its cadence it provokes fracture and controversy, does it continue to fulfill its function?

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The young people interviewed in the documentary give their opinions. The freedom to debate it is the salt of the documentary.

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