Three seconds before turning over, Martín Elías’ truck was going at 159K / H

The Fourth Criminal Court of Sincelejo has in its possession the technical report of the Toyota company that reveals that the truck in which the vallenato singer Marín Elías Díaz Acosta lost his life on April 14, 2017, would have exceeded the speed limits allowed when it was mobilized by the San Onofre (Sucre) -Lorica (Córdoba) road, at the level of the Aguas Negras township.

The newspaper El Tiempo reported that at the last preparatory hearing that was held virtually on July 13, the fourth criminal judge authorized the report that Automotores Toyota Colombia SAS (ATC) made in said trial to be presented.

The purpose of that report was to know precisely the speed the car was carrying at the time of the collision.

Said report shows the speed the vehicle was carrying 4.7 seconds before the accident, on which the Prosecutor’s Office relies to reinforce the accusation against Armando Quintero, the singer’s driver, for wrongful death.

According to the ATC report, the truck was going exactly 159 km / h up to 3.2 seconds before the accident. And that, when it happened, it registered 116 kilometers per hour of speed.

The tests are accredited at a scientific level through the collection of information that the computer of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 vehicle, in which three more people were, who were injured in the accident.

For the representation of the victim, who in this case are empowered by the widow Dayana Jaimes, going 159 kilometers per hour on a road that has a speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour is a strong example of “recklessness that decreases the probability of survival of the occupants of the automotive “.



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