Three senior officials, including the deputy commander of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, set off at the same time | Jiao Xiaoping | Liaoning Province | Dalian City

A corner of the opening ceremony of the National Congress of the Communist Party of China on March 5, 2018. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP via Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, February 06, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Li Jing) Jiao Xiaoping, deputy commander of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of the Communist Party of China, Hao Hongjun, chairman of the CPPCC Dalian Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, Yi Pengfei, vice chairman of the CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, Both were investigated by the authorities for “suspicion of serious violations of discipline and law”. And these officials are only part of the more than 50 fallen officials notified by the authorities in recent days.

The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of the Communist Party of China released the above news on February 5. All three of them were dismissed from their posts.

Among them, Jiao Xiaoping has worked in the financial system for many years. Since 1989, he has successively worked in the Ministry of Finance of the Communist Party of China, the state-controlled social groups and other departments. In June 2022, Jiao Xiaoping was transferred to be the deputy commander of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and the deputy general manager of China New Construction Corporation. According to Lu media, on the 1st of this month, he attended the 2nd executive meeting of the Corps in 2023.

Hao Hongjun has worked in the discipline inspection and supervision system for many years. He has successively served as Secretary of Qinghemen District Committee of Fuxin City, Director of Fuxin City Public Security Bureau, Deputy Mayor of Yingkou Municipal Government, and Director of Municipal Public Security Bureau. In January 2022, he was transferred to the chairman of the Dalian CPPCC. On the eve of his fall, he made several public appearances.

Yi Pengfei has served in the Planning Commission of Hunan Province for many years. Since 2008, he has successively served as the mayor of Huaihua City in Hunan Province, the mayor of Loudi City, and the secretary of the Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee. Since 2018, he has been transferred to the vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference. According to Lu media, on the 3rd of this month, he also attended a relevant meeting of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference. Only in the past two days, officials notified him that he had been investigated.

According to mainland media statistics, since the start of work on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year (January 27), in just five days, the central discipline inspection department and local discipline inspection departments at all levels have notified more than 50 cadres, including many cadres above the department level. . Among them, on January 30 alone, the CCP Disciplinary Commission notified nine department-level cadres that they were investigated and dealt with for “suspected violations of discipline and law.”

The outside world has noticed that the CCP authorities seem to be brewing an anti-corruption storm.

The CCP’s official media “Qiu Shi” magazine previously published an article by Xi Jinping explaining how to “self-revolution”. Xi Jinping said, we must “dare to scrape bones to heal wounds, dare to cut off wrists of strong men, so as to prevent disasters from happening to Xiaoqiang”.

Current commentator Zhou Xiaohui wrote an article saying that Xi must prevent disasters from setting up Xiaoqiang, implying that the crisis of the collapse of the party is approaching. Xi realizes that the CCP is facing a crisis of regime change, and this fear should be unprecedented. Therefore, he needs to intensify the purge to ensure his own power.

Recently, Hunan, Guizhou, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hainan and other places have launched anti-corruption feature films. Among them, the anti-corruption feature film recently aired by Guizhou Satellite TV disclosed the details of several corruption cases. The feature film mentions that Gao Weidong, the party secretary and chairman of the Moutai Group, is addicted to gambling, whoring many times, engaging in political clinging, and being keen on superstitious activities.

China News Agency quoted Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of Peking University’s Clean Government Construction Research Center, as saying that whether it is the intensive “tiger” attack or the release of warning films in many places, it has released a strong signal of the anti-corruption struggle.

Chinese political commentator Wen Zhao said in a self-media program on February 2 that the CCP has to continue to toss after changing the Politburo, and must continue to eliminate unsteady and disloyal elements. After the unsteady and disloyal elements are eliminated , we must continue to eliminate those who are not firm enough and not loyal enough. The more troubled the CCP is at home and abroad, the more intense and brutal its purge struggle within the party will be.

Responsible editor: Li Qiong#