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Three start-ups secure the practice of cycling


This is the yellow vest of CES, " but we decided not to block the driveway ", Jokes Gerard Thevenot, founder of Helite, who develops a bicycle airbag. Created in 2002, the company is not kicking off: while the vests were originally created for ULM enthusiasts, Helite today markets for riders, bikers and even. .. for the elderly, who thus protect themselves from fracture of the neck of the femur.

The vest for cyclists will be marketed in the spring, priced at 649 euros. " We rely heavily on our motorcycle dealers, but are open to any new distribution channel "Says the founder of the company, which has generated 7 million turnover in 2018 and employs 38 people.

Road light

While Road Light presented at the CES 2018, its product dedicated to motorcycles, the young push back on the Eureka Park with a version for bicycles and scooters. The young push has created a product that allows bike drivers or scooter enthusiasts to make themselves visible. Like Cosmo Connected, Road Light allows cyclists, thanks to a small remote control placed on the handlebars, to activate turn signals. These lights are on the back, and also act as a position and fog light, with a hazard warning option. " And by the end of 2019, we will integrate a stop light "Says Mohamed Ait El Hadj, founder of Road Light. The product is now available on the website of the start-up, priced at 179 euros.


After accidents, there is another risk that cyclists fear, that of being stolen their bike. This is what the Korean start-up Bisecu, who created a connected padlock, wants to make up for. The latter is fixed on the front wheel, and unlocks only through an application. If the bike is moved without the padlock unlocked, an alarm is triggered.

The padlock also collects data on the use of the bike, such as the speed reached or the kilometers traveled. Through two crowdfunding campaigns, the young company sold 400 copies of its product, and raised a total of 74,000 dollars. At CES, she is looking for international distributors.

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