Three stories of Latorre: the phrase “Maradona is jealous of me”, the fight with former teammates from Boca on WhatsApp and his relationship with Zulemita

The former footballer revealed the details of the meeting he had with the Argentine star

Diego Latorre He had an outstanding performance as a professional soccer player, defending the shirt of some of the most popular clubs in the country and was even a champion with the Argentine team. However, today he is massively known for his journalistic work in different sports broadcasts.

In a relaxed chat with the channel Youtube from Double Merit, Gambetita confessed that he had to leave a group of WhatsApp of former teammates for his statements during the broadcast of the Copa Libertadores final between River and Boca in Madrid, highlighted the social differences he noticed in his beginnings in the Xeneizerevived the talk he had with Diego Armando Maradona about his absence from the 1994 World Cup in the United States and expressed himself about his relationship with Zulemita Menem.

I feel like I lived two lives. The soccer player is another person, with another life. When I see myself in pictures I wonder how I could have endured playing with 40,000 people. He would feel a lot of noise, pressure, ”began his story. Although later, he clarified: “I feel like a footballer, it is an activity that is unmatched by any other. Although it is a distant life, when I see a ball my eyes continue to shine. I want to have it, it changes my expression”.

Latorre had two steps in Boca, in which he won three titles (Supercopa Sudamericana, Recopa Sudamericana and Copa Master). Until a few years ago he was in a chat with his former teammates at the La Ribera club, but everything changed after what happened at the Santiago Bernabeu. “I don’t talk much about what happens to me. I have had big quilombos, curious things. Like the Boca-River final in Madrid. It occurred to me to say that it was a penalty from Andrada to Pratto. To analyze you have to let go of everything. When I say it was criminal, I had a group of WhatsApp with former teammates from Boca, that since that episode I abandoned him. When it occurs to me to say that it was criminal, in my group of WhatsApp two or three ex-colleagues They started to insult me, but badly. I saw them again at a barbecue, they apologized, but it wasn’t the same. I was seriously offended. One thing is the insult of a fan, of a tweeter, and another is that a former teammate insults me for having said that he was a criminal. He has no form of forgiveness.”

The start of the race Gambetita He had a particularity, since he jumped into soccer from a country and had in mind to dedicate himself to tennis. “Mine was random, not sought after. My old man told me don’t go, don’t leave school. I wasn’t too interested in playing professionally. But the paths were opened to me, ”he recalled. “I came from a totally exposed social stratum, they stole my clothes, the boys discriminated against me the other way around, for having money. I also went to training with brick dust shoes. Before I was going to dedicate myself to tennis. Those who saw me told me that I played better tennis than football. But soccer integrates, that ability to play well helped me so that after 3 or 4 weeks it is integrated. Invite the kids to a barbecue at my house. When they saw the pool they pointed to it and didn’t know what it was. Life experiences that were strong. I lived in a parallel reality. I had no needs, we went on vacation to the United States, Hawaii, Japan, and the kids of Boca did not know what a pool was”.

The former soccer player told how his relationship with the daughter of former President Carlos Menem was

“I had two or three years between 89 and 92, they were years of a lot of public exposure. I remember one day, it was a Monday that it occurred to me to go change clothes at a mall. I remember that that day there were some kids from some schools, but someone recognized me and I had to go. I also remember one day we won a Boca-Racing 6-1, a game in the morning. I tried to go to eat at the Costanera. I went to eat with my parents, and I had to go. There were no photo machines, people came down with pieces of paper. I couldn’t even order food. That kind of fame is an addiction, it’s a crush at first, but then there’s a boredom. You feel observed, it gives you natural obligations. That takes away your freedom. You have to know how to live with that. Today I imagine it is worse, because there is a Big Brother eye. You can’t slip. The world looks at you,” she analyzed.

Another of the issues he delved into was his absence from the list of Alfio Basile’s Argentine team to play the 1994 World Cup in the United States. Coco, on that occasion, opted for Gabriel Omar Batistuta, Ramón Medina Bello, Claudio Caniggia, Abel Balbo and a young Ariel Ortega. “I think I deserved it. I say it humbly. I think it was my best year in Europe. Not many images arrived, but those years in Tenerife were better than in Boca. The day Basile came to see me, we beat Real Madrid 3-0 and I scored two goals. That day Basile told me that he was at the World Cup, and then I didn’t see him anymore and he didn’t call me. A mystery, I don’t know what happened. I was competing at the highest level.”

At the time, Latorre targeted Diego Maradona and a phrase about the “jealousy” of Fluff. Now, from a distance, he commented: “No jealousy. I don’t know if I said that. The text is distorted. I discussed it with him. When I return to Boca I went to his house to negotiate my return. He assured me no. They had told me yes, that he had preferred Ortega. I meet him again in 96, two years had passed. I asked him and he assured me no, and I believed him”.

To close, Diego Latorre was consulted about his relationship with Zulemita Menem, daughter of the then President of the Nation Carlos Menem: “It brought me many consequences. Not bad, but the situation itself was delicate. He was the best footballer at the time and the president’s daughter. The players used to be sustained over time, they were symbols of the club. Before you were the emblem of a team. We had no peace. Everything is fine with her, even Yanina is friends with her.”

“We were always in a state of permanent alert, because things were happening around us. There were people there who wanted to get something out. It all seemed so far away to me. When I left Recoleta, I saw lawyers, politicians, when I returned home I said I’m from here. I was surrounded by people who had no ties to me,” he concluded.


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