Three storybooks for this summer

The story has always had its audience, readers who are looking for short but intense stories that do not need subplots or delve into the characters but are nevertheless passionate about great stories, those that are not limited by the number of charactersThey have always been there. But there seems to be a certain tendency to put this genre back in the place it deserves. Story books allow us to enjoy a different adventure every time we open their pages, making it easier to live many stories in the same time that we would read just one novel. And summer emphasizes that need for short stories.

Bookstore shelves are beginning to fill up for the summer season with suggestive titles, fast-paced or mystery-laden readings that seem to be best savored by the pool or on the beach. Of books with which to liven up afternoons in the sun. For this reason we have made a selection of three storybooks published in recent months that will be a success.

Story books:

In the cell there was a firefly, Julia Viejo

The anthology of thirty-four stories that make up In the cell there was a firefly, by Julia Viejo (published by Blackie Books), consists of fairly short texts –it will be difficult to read just one each reading time- but full of emotion. The stories revolve around different themes; from love, like the story whose first line gives the book its title, to others loaded with actuality like Very safe in which a telephone sale of insurance with a suicide policy ends up motivating the buyer to commit suicide o The world of the end of the world What do you raise?a society that chooses by means of a routine form the last supper that it will take.

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All the stories included are skillfully treated, managing to weave surreal situations that shine for inquiring into everyday life.

Stories for book lovers, various classic authors

Story books: Stories for book lovers.

Books that play with metaliterature are usually exciting, and getting it with one of stories makes this a rara avis. pass by Stories for book lovers texts by Antón Chéjov, Fracis Scott Fitzgerald, Rosalía de Castro, Clarín, Fiódor Dostoyevski, Emilia Pardo Bazán, HP Lovecraft… all of them selected for having the books as protagonists.

A total of twenty-one stories that make up this very careful edition -within the collection of illustrated classics from the Alma publishing house- with illustrations by Natalia Zaratiegui, a pagination sprinkled with colors and a page before each story locating the reader in the author and in the story.

The best description is the editorial synopsis itself: “this volume contains a selection of stories by great authors of literature whose common link is the universe of the book. Writers in search of perfection, booksellers willing to kill for unique copies, passionate publishers, would-be geniuses, and wounded lyricists from all walks of life. walk through these delicious pages to tell us about the love of literature. This anthology, made with the care and affection of a bibliophile, will quench readers’ thirst for ink and will reveal to them the secret life of books, those precious objects of desire to those who will never look at the same way again”.

And since we’re talking about books for the summer and Alma editorial, if you’re one of those who like to go crazy with classic or original pastimes, I recommend their puzzles.

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People who laugh, Laura Chivite

Story books: People who laugh.

In laughing peopleLaura Chivite (Editorial Caballo de Troya), the book of stories navigates through the life of the same character whom we meet in 2060 and continue in his experiences, traveling back in time to 1985. Chivite poses scenes close to science fiction in the most futuristic story of the book and also takes the reader through the friendships, love, doubts and situations of a woman throughout her life, with that magic of meeting her in reverse , to travel with her from adulthood to youth.

Simply because of the masterful story How to forget Berta Narrated in a fast and overwhelming second person, it is already worth this reading. But also laughing people hooks, turns the reader into a page devourermakes him constantly tell himself that “come on, just a little more” that has nothing to envy the most addictive novels.

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