Three terrorists in the gray list have been neutralized in Van!

3 terrorists were neutralized on Monday (29 June) in a J-SİHA supported operation carried out by gendarmerie commando troops in the countryside of Van, Gürpınar district.

According to Fırat, the code named “Welat Malazgirt” operating in the power of Van province, Başkale and Masiro, which is on the gray list with a prize of up to 500 thousand TL in the wanted terrorists list of terrorists seized from PKK, Tahsin Genez and “Kendal” It has been determined that it is İlyas Duran.


Terrorists have been the perpetrators of many bloody attacks:

* The attack on the Baskale Gendarmerie Commando Battalion Command in Van in August 2017.

* The murder of a shepherd named Sinan Şener in the Mengen Tepe district of Başkale-Yolmaçayır District on June 12, 2017.

* A rocket launcher attack on security forces that searched for mines on the Van-Hakkari highway on the 3rd of July 2017 in the Bosphorus area of ​​Başkale-Gedikbaşı District.

* As a result of the attack on security guards in Başkale Eşmepınar region on 9 November 2016, 3 security guards and 1 civilian were martyred.

* In 2016, 1 security guard was martyred and 2 security guards were injured within the borders of the Esenyamaç District of Başkale district.

* In 2016, 3 security guards and 1 civilian were martyred as a result of an armed attack on a vehicle within the borders of Yavuzlar District of Başkale district.

Along with the terrorists, 2 M-16 infantry rifles, 1 Kalashnikov infantry rifle, 1 Glock brand pistol, 6 grenades and many ammunition and life materials were seized. (IHA)


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