Three things to know before the speech of Macron before Congress on Monday

Three things to know before the speech of Macron before Congress on Monday

This is the major programmatic address its mandate : Emmanuel Macron monte Monday at the tribune of the Congress, the palace of Versailles, to set the “priorities” of his five-year term. It is expected to be 15 hours


1. This will become a “ritual”

This email address solemn to the 577 deputies and 348 senators, and, through them, the French has become a “ritual” annual, “in accordance with a campaign pledge,” adds the president’s entourage. At the end, Emmanuel Macron leaves the chamber to give place to a debate without a vote.

South West

According to the spokesperson of the government of Christophe Castaner, it will be a kind of “discourse on the state of the Union” as he pronounced each year by the american president. The head of State, “the great guidance”, to the Prime minister, their “implementation”, he summarized.

the First expression to a wide spectrum of a mandate started since a month and a half, the event will be followed with much more attention that Emmanuel Macron has already indicated that it would not lend itself to the traditional interview of July 14.


2. What to expect ?

The head of State will address himself for nearly an hour the two chambers of the Parliament meeting, “the opportunity to deliver his vision of the mandate that opens, to evoke its action, the challenges it intends to address, but also his reading of institutions,” says one at the Elysee.

On the background, the Elysee pay attention to even the suspense on Sunday night. “As it is not a general statement of policy, the heart of his speech may not be the reform of the work”, has just slipped the entourage of the president. The evolution of institutions could, however, represent an “important element” of the president’s remarks.

“Sylvain Fort, the pen of the president, is to maneuver to the writing” of this discourse, but the head of the State will work “until the last moment”, says it again.


3. A method that makes controversy

Some seats remain vacant, those of the deputies of the group France insubordinate (BIA) and the parliamentary communists, who have decided to boycott the event. Emmanuel Macron has “crossed a threshold in the dimension pharaonic monarchy presidential” in cutting back its Prime minister to the rank of “contributor,” thundered Jean-Luc Mélenchon, president of the group BIA. Edward Philip should indeed pronounce his general policy speech on Tuesday.

Two deputies IDU, Jean-Christophe Lagarde and Philippe Vigier, had taken the lead, the first criticizing a head of State who “spends his time doing both the job of president of the Republic and the Prime minister”. Leader of the deputies LR, Christian Jacob warned of a “power sharing”.

The 2008 constitutional revision allows president to speak before Congress. But before that, he was already able to read a message by the Prime minister, the possibility of which had used the general de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou and François Mitterrand.

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