Three-year-old girl dies in Portugal after suspected abuse by nanny

Suspected of having suffered abuse, a three-year-old girl died in Setúbal, a city in Portugal, on Monday. She had been with a nanny for five days when she was handed over to her mother with bruises on her face and bruises on her body. To the family, the caregiver stated that she administered five milliliters of Atarax to the child, who was injured after falling from a chair. This medication works as a sedative and is indicated for adults with anxiety.

The girl went home on Monday morning, but it was only in the afternoon that the family called the emergency room and requested an ambulance. She was rescued, but died during transport to the hospital.

The stepfather, in an interview with local newspapers, said he was unaware that the girl was with a caregiver, in addition to reinforcing that the stepdaughter and her partner had a good relationship.

The mother and stepfather have already been heard by the police, who also searched the couple’s and nanny’s house. According to the agents, the investigation aims to determine whether the child’s death was caused by “offenses to physical integrity aggravated by the result of death” or homicide.

According to a source at Hospital de São Bernardo, where the girl was taken, the medical team performed resuscitation maneuvers but tried to reverse her clinical condition.

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