Three years later, the sky was dyed red

Medellin had already paid enough tribute before aspiring to glory.

Since 2016 there were three titles (in Superliga and Copa 2017 and Liga 2018) that vanished from the hands. That's why the team of Aldo Bobadilla He decided to eradicate the nerves and exorcise ghosts and in an atypical production for a final, before 35 minutes of the first half, the Copa final against Cali was resolved with a partial 2-0.

The conviction with which the red players disputed each ball, the high pressure, the large attacks with up to six players, were a demonstration of the football growth since the arrival of Bobadilla and that only because of a statistical anomaly did not reach among the eight classified in league.

Yesterday's game, number 50 for the red box in the season, was the perfect closure both collectively and individually.

The goal of Adrián Arregui, with which it was opened to the path of the title, ratified the work of one of the best foreign reinforcements that came this year to Colombian football.

The both of the tranquility of German Cano It is the culmination of the arduous search of the Argentine scorer for shouting, finally, champion.

The process of the game also offered recognition to Bobadilla's strategy. Yesterday, for example, the Paraguayan decided to rehearse with Elvis Perlaza as an open attacker on the right wing, a decision that could cost him criticism but proved successful because he found the balance between attack and defense that he needed in the first leg.

With the final whistle finally came the relief of a fan and a template that knew how to suffer and reinvent itself. "It was not an easy year, we recovered from many adversities and we are collecting a prize we deserve," were the words of Andrés Ricaurte, one of those who knew how to endure the onslaught of misfortune, the bad results and the frustration of a fan who waited impatiently for the moment to shake off so many adversities.

Almost a year ago the seventh star vanished, that seventh sky, the battle phrase of the technician Octavio Zambrano with which he wanted to convene around a goal to the whole powerful family.

This time the sky was red and now a panorama full of possibilities and new goals opens. The Cup title (2-2 in the first leg and 2-1 in the round) places Medellín in the second qualifying phase of Copa Libertadores, which automatically represents more than 500 thousand dollars in prizes and the possibility of accessing the phase of groups that will offer a loot of more than US $ 3 million, a figure that Conmebol delivered in this edition.

More than the economic consecration is the basis for the institutional remodeling that the club undertook this year.

Today, even with the hangover of joy, the plan for 2020 will surely begin. The club manager, Juan Valencia, he had said in the previous one that Bobadilla had asked him to leave subjects of contracts, signings and others, in pause until raising the Cup. Now that it is done it is the work to build on this achievement. The theme of renovations, arrivals, departures, will surely be a complex issue. But there is an incentive and it is the feeling that this process is just taking off and has an auspicious path to go.



Technician: Aldo Bobadilla.
Players: David González; Jonathan Marulanda, Jesús Murillo, Andrés Cadavid, Dairon Mosquera; Adrián Arregui (Diego Arias, 84 ’), Didier Moreno, Deinner Quiñones (Héctor Urrego, 88’), Elvis Perlaza (Brayan Castrillón, 77 ’), Andrés Ricaurte, and Germán Cano.
Goals: Adrián Arregui (20 ’) and Germán Cano (34’)
Expelled: did not have.
Figure: Adrián Arregui.


Technician: Lucas Pusineri.
Players: Johan Wallens; Juan Camilo Angulo, Danny Rosero, Francisco Delorenzi, Darwin Andrade (Kevin Velasco, 70 ’); Andrés Balanta, Christian Rivera, Andrés Arroyo (Agustín Palaveccino, 62 ’), Deiber Caicedo (Carlos Mario Rodríguez, 74’), Feiver Mercado and Juan Ignacio Dinenno.
Goal: Danny Rosero (93 ’).
Expelled: did not have.
Figure: Johan Wallens

Stadium: Athanasius Girardot. / Referee: Mario Herrera (Goal). / Assistants: Alexánder Guzmán (North) and Alejandro Gallego (Caldas). /

Attendance: 39,800 fans.

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