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three young girls, including one aged 12, arrested

by archyw

The police were called on Monday June 21 at 11:45 p.m. at the Clouange stadium by the guard. Awakened by the noises of an engine, he notices that three young girls are swerving with their car in the parking lot adjacent to the football field. He intervenes and puts to flight the trio, which abandons the vehicle before taking its legs to its neck.

Low hand on drinks, crisps and cash

The police patrol dispatched to the scene found that the door to the clubhouse had been broken. Inside, drinks, crisps, money (150 €) and a car key are missing.

The young girls are arrested in the area a few minutes later. They are two Clouangeoises aged 20 and another aged … barely 12 years old.

The two adults were taken into police custody. They were notified of a summons before the Thionville Criminal Court, to be tried according to the prior recognition of guilt procedure, next January.

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