three young people invest in solid cosmetics

The shampoo? Reduced to a bar of soap. The hair conditioner, too. And you can brush your teeth with a small tablet which is then closed in the paper and placed in the drawer. The solid cosmetic, which allows you to save on water and the use of plastic for the bottle, can really be the product of the future because it can satisfy all needs with the minimum environmental impact. A firm belief in it is a group of young people from Forlì sensitive to socio-environmental issues all under 30 who have created, an e-commerce that sells solid cosmetic products. The group is formed by Andrea Marozzi, Enrico Marozzi (brother) and Hysa Oltion.

The mind of the new commercial platform is Andrea Marozzi who, with his three-year degree in Sociology and the master’s degree in Public Communication and Business, has gained some experience in the world of entrepreneurship. To contribute to his sensitivity to the environment, he thought of an important experience in Tanzania on which he wrote his degree thesis. After the theory, however, he wanted to get involved. “I made friends and relationships with which I tried to sell products to some realities that worked in the African continent – explains Andrea – From there I tried to make the idea even a little more concrete by creating a catalog of natural products that reflected the needs of consumers. Now it has become my main job, I work full time. Since last March I have rented a warehouse where I stock the products which, after a careful selection, I buy and then resell. I fixed the site because basically it is an e-commerce and therefore needs a good vehicle to make itself known, and, as mentioned, I have selected the best products on the market. Thanks to solid cosmetics you can make good environmental savings, the packaging is smaller, sometimes non-existent , the product is concentrated. A 50 gram shampoo bar corresponds to a 200 ml shampoo bottle. Inside the products are concentrated and have all the properties of the product. liquid oduct. It is a real revolution in cosmetics. In addition, we – Andrea continues – are very careful about costs. On average, solid cosmetics are niche products and have medium-high prices. We try to make them affordable for everyone. In addition, if used well, leaving it to dry and properly stored, it has a long life, longer than liquid “.

But why is the company called What does Ubuntu mean. “The name” Ubuntu “comes from an idea of ​​mine – explains Andrea – on the basis of a wonderful travel and study experience that I did in Tanzania for my degree thesis. The word Ubuntu, in fact, is of African origin and derives from a Zulu proverb “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”: “I am because we are”. Ubuntu expresses a philosophy of life that enhances “collective” well-being compared to “individual” well-being. For those who do not know, Nelson Mandela, South African leader of the anti-apartheid movement, was one of the main ambassadors of Ubuntu in the world. The common thread between Ubuntu Pack and the African continent is not only symbolic but also in fact: we have decided to support, with 1% of the profits deriving from online sales, Slow Food’s “good, clean and fair” gardens in Africa that have a series of very ambitious objectives: protecting biodiversity and enhancing local and traditional knowledge; ensuring healthy food produced in a sustainable way; forming a network of pro African fessionals and leaders who can take control of the future of their land “.