Thriller! Muay Noi fell from a car in the middle of an intersection. Fortunately, there is a good citizen driving in the way (with clip)

Thrilling event! When the video clip reveals the moment the little girl from Ningbo city Zhejiang Province Falling from the car through the window while the car was at a red light at an intersection without the little boy’s parents being aware of it at all before driving away Left the little boy in the middle of the road became the attention of many netizens.

The little boy raised his head out of the car at the moment the car started. causing them to fall and cry in the middle of the road But it was extremely fortunate that a man witnessed the incident. So the driver stopped and blocked another car. Later, the good citizens parked their cars and came down to help. before handing the baby over to her mother who knew and rushed back to wait for the baby

The local police said The girl was safe. There are only minor scratches.

The good citizens got out of the car to help the little boy.  (Image from Chinese media: huanqiu)
Later the video clip became interesting. Netizens were impressed that the good citizens rushed to help the little boy. with comments For example, “I have to give a thumbs up to the man who decided to drive to prevent other cars from hitting the child,” “I was so touched to see everyone rushing to help the child together!” and “So lucky to have so many kind people. eager to help.”

Netizens also criticized parents for the safety of driving with children in the car. Whether it’s about the car seat and opening the mirror. For example, “Very dangerous! Don’t forget to tell your children of you not to submit or organs Whether it’s arms, legs and head out of the car window.” “Why leave the window open?” “When a child is in the car, it should be a car seat. And don’t forget to lock the doors and windows. But here he doesn’t do anything.”

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