Through hair donation, they bring joy back to cancer patients

( .- In addition to the diagnosis, one of the toughest tests that cancer patients must face is the loss of their hair, what they consider a symbol of femininity.

Therefore, for several years in Costa Rica a plan was created to grant wigs to women victims of cancer, not just breast.

The National Solidarity Foundation against Breast Cancer (Fundeso) is in charge of collecting the hair and turning it into beautiful wigs. People can donate directly at the facility or at any of the Walmart supermarkets across the country.

María Eugenia Meoño, president of Fundeso, pointed out that all the support that people provide is more than welcome, since for many women “Wearing a wig helps them a lot in their self-image and psychologically during this process.”

Doña Marta Kindersón is a witness to this. She has been working for this foundation for several years and has seen the joy of the patients when they put on the wigs.

“The wig is personalized. If the patient wore her hair short, it was cut short. The important thing is that they leave satisfied. Hair is very hard to lose, it is part of being a woman and there are many women who do affect them. Many cry and say ‘it’s me again, I feel good, I’m with my hair again,’ “he said.

With hair donated through Walmart the previous year, 370 wigs were made, despite the complexities of the pandemic.

“With this campaign we want to raise awareness about breast cancer and how important self-examination is for the early detection of the disease. In addition, supporting patients who are undergoing treatment so that they have a better quality of life and improve their self-esteem, “said Mariela Pacheco, Deputy Manager of Corporate Affairs at Walmart.

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The number of hair donations has been growing. In 2018, 1,648 braids were donated, in 2019 there were 2,344 and in 2020, 2,228 braids were received.

It is important to indicate that, several braids from different people are needed to create a wig, due to the volume. This is why it is so important that people come together and can bring the smile back to women facing this harsh disease.

These are the requirements to donate at both Fundeso and Walmart: