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What to Know

  • Monday, February 17
  • Free
  • Programs that target dogs during the day (children welcome before)

Even if we live with Lassie or Laddie, and we know how they eat, they play, they decide and you engage with the world on a minute to minute basis, our knowledge can be stepped up. always in the area of ​​rabbits.

Helping us to do that? Annenberg PetSpace is in Playa Vista, great in seminars, family events and pet adoption days too.

And to help Southern Californians connect with their canoes, President’s Day 2020 programs are in the center.

It is free, and is available for 11 days in the morning.

Some highlights?

A whole Groom Room exhibition begins, if you want to see how flies are flipped and muted, and PetFit shows the day at 3:15.

There are four Pet Contacts on schedule, starting at 12:15, and Transport Techniques near the end of the day’s fun.

And if your little person wants to take part in the Paws & Pages? This can happen, but please note that there is an additional fee.

If you still don’t call this vibrant pup hub, which helps to strengthen the connections between humans and pots in different ways, it may be that President’s Day trip is just like the ball you’re trying to chase.

Or, too, rope are you trying to draw? Chewy are you trying to do gnaw?

People dogs, you get us. Now go to Playa Vista for a day and find ways to get better for your.



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