Throw these two things away, Ustadz Adi Hidayat: Sustenance is difficult to enter the house

North Sulawesi portal – Ustadz Adi Hidayat recommends throwing away these two things because they can make it difficult for sustenance to enter the house.

According to Ustadz Adi Hidayat, the existence of these two objects, if not thrown away from the house, can make it difficult for sustenance to enter.

Now also throw away the two objects, said Ustadz Adi Hidayat so that sustenance is not dragging and easy to enter the house.

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Ustadz Adi Hidayat explained, in addition to smooth sustenance, if the two objects are removed then life will also be happy, there is always joy in the family.

In Islam, said Ustadz Adi Hidayat, there are objects that prevent sustenance from entering the house.

If the two objects are still in the house, Ustadz Adi Hidayat emphasized that sustenance will always drag and won’t enter the house.

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This cleric from Banten suggests throwing away two objects that have no benefit, especially in matters of sustenance.

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