Thunderstorm followed by a heat cracker with 36 degrees – weather

The tendency towards showers and thunderstorms has decreased significantly in Austria. Instead, it’s getting really hot in the country again – up to 36 degrees!

Of the Wednesday starts cloudy on the north side of the Alps and showers run through from the Tyrolean Unterland to Upper Styria. During the day, the clouds loosen up from the west and, especially away from the Alps, the sun comes out more and more often.

In the midday hours, however, there are still individual, thunderstorm showers in the eastern mountains and hills. The wind is moderate, in the Danube region lively from west to northwest with occasional strong gusts. Temperatures reach 20 to 27 degrees.

36 degrees on Friday

Am Thursday Summer weather prevails again. Individual cloud fields pull through from the west to Salzburg in the morning, and in places a few drops fall from these. In the further course the clouds dissolve, it becomes mostly sunny and remains dry for the rest of the day. When the wind is mostly weak, temperatures rise to 26 to 32 degrees, with the highest values ​​in the west.

Of the Friday has to offer midsummer weather conditions. The sun shines widely from the morning, local fog fields in inner alpine valleys and in the southern basins dissolve quickly in the morning hours. From midday onwards, harmless cumulus clouds appear over the mountains here and there, but it often remains unclouded and sunny. The wind blows weak to moderate from the southeast and with 29 to 36 degrees it gets a little hotter.

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