Thunderstorm in Milan on Saturday 28 May

The forecasts have guessed again. In Milan on the evening of Saturday 28 May, around 8 pm, it started to rain after a strong wind blew throughout the afternoon. A few days after the storm that caused hailstorms and flooding especially in the west on the afternoon of Tuesday 24 May, on Saturday evening there was heavy rainfall south-east of Milan and its hinterland. The hail, on the other hand, arrived in Pavia and Lodi, Bergamo and Cremona, but not in the Lombard capital.

Dozens of interventions by the fire brigade

At 10 pm the firefighters of the provincial command of Milan had already carried out about thirty interventions for damage caused by bad weather, having as many in the queue, even if the number could increase with the passing of the hours. Several unsafe trees, sheets and plexiglass structures made safe. The barriers of a construction site in via Pichi, Navigli area, overturned due to the wind, ending up on the cars. Many, then, the plants crashed in the town of Corsico. Among the areas where damage was recorded there was also piazzale Cuoco, via Sardegna, via Darwin, via Tagiura, where some objects fell on parked cars, and the municipality of Assago. Finally, during the night, flooding also occurred in the Sesto San Giovanni area.


Bad weather – wrote the Lombard Meteorological Center – is expected between 20 and 24 on Saturday. “At this juncture – explained the experts of the Center – a very favorable condition will be generated for the development of locally intense semi-stationary thunderstorms with very abundant rainfall, located along the eastern Po valley front in the lower atmospheric layers”.

With a perturbation coming from the south – the experts had said – winds that could blow up to 60-80 km / h, abundant rainfall, with relative hydraulic risk, and even medium-sized hail are expected. Sunday 29 May, when there could still be light rains in the morning, no other criticalities should occur. Finally, bad weather should cause temperatures to drop.

The weather alert

Another strong storm coming

The Lombard civil protection had issued a yellow alert for the expected strong storm and for any critical issues also on the hydraulic node of the city. The ordinary risk alert is valid from the afternoon of Saturday 28 May until the morning of Sunday 29. The forecasts in fact spoke of possible scattered thunderstorms, even on low-level areas, with the possibility of strong winds and hailstorms. The Municipal Civil Protection Operations Center will be active to monitor and coordinate any interventions.