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Thunderstorms and heavy rain – One dead, injured and damaged by huge hailstones – News

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  • Heavy thunderstorms hit large parts of Switzerland again on Monday evening.
  • Western Switzerland and the cantons of Bern and Solothurn were badly affected.
  • The police have received numerous reports of damage, several people have been injured and one woman has died.

The thunderstorms had come from the west on Monday afternoon. According to weather services, gusts of 101 kilometers per hour were blowing at the southern foot of the Jura, including in Cressier NE. The canton of Friborg and in particular the Gruyère region were also affected by the storms. Hailstones the size of golf balls fell in the town of Bulle.


Broken car windows – here in Bulle – were the result of the hailstorm.


In other places too, the grains reached the size of golf balls, for example in La-Chaux-de-Fonds NE or Epsach BE. In Nottwil LU, the hailstones had a diameter of seven centimeters.

Rescue workers had to move out

In the evening, the storm front also moved across central Switzerland and Zurich until it finally reached eastern Switzerland.

Huge «hailstones» fell from the sky in Steinhausen ZG.


Huge «hailstones» fell from the sky in Steinhausen ZG.

SRF / Brian Gottschalk

The cantonal police in Solothurn announced that around 440 reports were received between 5 and 8 p.m. at the cantonal alarm center.

It was also pouring rain in the canton of Zurich. In Opfikon ZH, 36.8 mm of precipitation was measured in one hour, in Lohn SH it was 45.6 mm. Around 20 mm of this fell in just ten minutes. The fire brigade was deployed around 330 times and almost 400 emergency calls were received, according to Schutz und Rettung Zürich on Twitter. Among other things, scaffolding collapsed and water ran into buildings. A video on Twitter impressively shows the force of the hailstones and the heavy rain.

According to SRF Meteo, around 45,000 lightning strikes were measured across Switzerland between 3 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. With around 14,000 lightning strikes, most of the discharges were registered in the canton of Zurich.

There were 90 firefighting operations in the canton of Thurgau. The fire brigade had to deploy around 20 times in St. Gallen. The region around Wil was particularly affected, as the canton police announced. The rescue workers had to pump out basements that had been flooded due to the heavy rain.

The damage balance becomes larger

Open the boxClose the box

The damage balance due to the storm is likely to have increased further with the renewed storm. Until last Friday, insurance companies estimated the amount of damage to be at least CHF 260 million. There have been tens of thousands of cases, mainly due to hail bumps on vehicles and damage to buildings due to flooded basements.

The Lucerne police and fire services received 450 reports. These mainly concerned flooded streets and underpasses, water masses that flowed into houses, covered houses or barns and damaged skylights.

One dead and several injured

A woman died in Meikirch near Bern because a tree fell on her car, the Bern canton police announced.

Two people were injured in the canton of Zug. In Cham, a cyclist had to go to the hospital after being injured by hailstones on her head. In Baar, a car driver was slightly injured by broken glass when the hail damaged her windshield. In Wolhusen LU, one person was injured by parts of a building flying around and two others were injured by hailstones.

According to the Friborg canton police, a 16-person school class with their two accompanying persons came in distress, and was surprised by a hailstorm in Bulle. Six children and one adult were looked after by the ambulance service and taken to a hospital for examination.

New thunderstorms

The situation calmed down somewhat by early Tuesday morning. After a short break, however, new violent thunderstorms are likely to arise during the day and bring again squalls, heavy rain and hail.

While the situation in the north calmed down, thunderstorms also broke out in parts of the canton of Ticino during the night. In Bosco / Gurin and Airolo, around 50 mm of rain fell since the late evening, sometimes even more.

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