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FDP makes its way into – CDU hopes for a four-party alliance

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Ziemiak – "Debate on cooperation with the AfD absurd"

Thuringian CDU officials do not want to exclude a cooperation with the AfD and the left. The party leadership in Berlin, however, insists on the incompatibility decision from the previous year.

Ten days after the state elections in Thuringia is certain: The FDP is, albeit scarce, represented in the Erfurt Parliament. This makes the Liberals an important interlocutor for the other parties.

Dhe Thuringian state election at the end of October was conceivably scarce for the FDP. She jumped the five-percent hurdle after the first count with only five votes. On Thursday, the provincial chief appointed the result of the election: The Liberals are represented in the state parliament. The deciding factor was ultimately 73 votes above the exclusion clause.

Such a tight FDP result has never been seen in state elections. The liberals had the scarcest results so far when moving into the state parliaments in 2001 in Hamburg (680 votes more than necessary) and 2013 in Hesse (911 votes more).

The strongest party was in the state election on 27 October, according to final results, the Left with 31 percent. The AfD reached 23.4 percent of the vote, the CDU came with 21.7 percent only to third place. The SPD gained 8.2 percent, the Greens came to 5.2 percent. In total, around 1.1 million ballots were submitted on 27 October in the state election.

Mohring hopes for a four-party alliance

The left as an election winner has announced talks with the FDP, because the Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) aimed at red-red-green alliance four seats in the state parliament to the majority are missing. Even CDU leader Mike Mohring wants to talk to the FDP – he wants to try a minority government as a quartet, for which he also wants to win the SPD and Greens.

Also the FDP wants to go into the discussion: "I will still today contact to CDU party and faction leader Mike Mohring take up," said the FDP state chairman Thomas Kemmerich. "We are in favor of trying to have a minority government from the center of parliament." He also imagined that a coalition of CDU, SPD, Greens and FDP would be possible.

Kemmerich, who is also chairman of the parliamentary group, spoke of relief after days of nail-biting. For the first time since 2014, the FDP is again represented in a state parliament of the five eastern German states, according to Kemmerich. "It is important for the FDP to assert itself in a polarized environment."

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Any form of cooperation with the left and the AfD as the second largest party excluded Kemmerich. This applies not only to coalitions, but also to models of tolerance or tolerance "or any other kind of cooperation that amounts to formation of a government".

After the state election government formation is difficult. All parties have excluded cooperation with the AfD, which became the second strongest force. The CDU, which has been the strongest party in Thuringia since 1990, lost its status and finished in third place. The turnout at the election on 27 October had been just under 65 percent.

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Thuringia provincial election director Günter Krombholz has complained about false e-mail complaints from unidentifiable senders after the state election. "The e-mails alleged that the poll counted votes in favor of the FDP, which were actually granted to other parties," Krombholz said. The allegations were "nothing off". "All senders probably did not want to allow them to identify themselves." He described the emails as "fake emails." Krombholz announced that he wants to address these occurrences in the Federal Returning Officer.

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