More than 15 thousand people gathered in the zocalo of Merida Yucatan, the night of this Saturday, the 15th to participate in the Grito ceremony for the 208th anniversary of the national Independence.

"Coming to tonight means a lot to me as a Mexican citizen and I think everyone should have been proud to come to these national holidays," said Marcos, testimony.

It was a festive atmosphere, people came with their family, many came dressed in charro outfits, others in huipiles and many more with typical costumes from different regions of the country.

Teach the scream to my child because he was born in the United States, I live there and live in Tijuana. The Mexican roots are very important to teach my children to my grandchildren, "said María González.

There were more than 1,350 security elements that guarded the large square of Merida.

In the four entrances to the main square, security filters were placed by elements of the Mexican Army, the Ministry of Public Security, municipal police and canine elements.

Thus they lived the cry of independence in Mexico
Mexican Environment (Notimex)

Mexican Environment (Notimex)

The governor of the state, Rolando Zapata Bello, he left at 11:00 at night to the balcony of the government palace to give the cry of independence.

Then the bell rang and the Mexican flag waved.

Subsequently, the pyrotechnics show illuminated the Yucatan sky for more than 20 minutes, with fireworks towers, whose multicolored lights framed the patriotic celebration.

The authorities indicated that there was a white balance.

Photogallery: Thus Mexico celebrated the cry of Independence


Thousands of people gathered in the different municipalities of Sonora to commemorate the 208th anniversary of the Independence of Mexico.

In the main squares of the entity were deployed about 1,900 police officers of the gendarmerie, Army and municipal agents, as well as relief corporations to safeguard the safety of Sonorans.

Families enjoyed the Mexican dishes, Sonora folklore and the different artistic shows.

In the north of the country it is also celebrated and here in Sonora we are very settled, we are very Mexican, we are northerners, but with all the tradition, "said Rubén, a resident of Sonora.

"To celebrate, to give the cry to celebrate independence and for children to have the same roots," said Conny, a resident of Sonora.

In the center of Hermosillo the children waved flags, climbed the rides and observed hats, traditional costumes, rehiletes and all kinds of articles alluding to September 15.

The people enjoyed 30 minutes of pyrotechnic games and the presentation of different bands of the regional genre.

"Everything was very beautiful, very beautiful, very beautiful, very excited," said Martha, a resident of Hermosillo.

No incidents were recorded in the entity.


About 8 thousand people attended this Saturday to the zócalo of the city of Puebla to witness the ceremony of the cry of Independence.

At the end of the shout and the ringing of the bell all the attendees sang the national anthem.

The lights are very beautiful and illuminated, he feels father, very proud of being Mexican, "said Diego Coyotl, from Puebla.

With flags, hats, bugles and noisemakers, all those attending the plate in the Puebla Zocalo enjoyed a fireworks show

Every year we come and feel a lot of emotion, yes, "said Elia Rosas, from Puebla.

The Secretary of State Security reported that in eight municipalities of the entity suspended the cry of Independence, to preserve the safety of authorities and attendees.

At the end of the cry of Independence in the capital of Puebla, no incident was reported.


More than 15 thousand people attended the parade ground Saltillo Coahuila, to participate in the cry for independence and commemorate the 208th anniversary of the movement that gave freedom to Mexico.

Peña Nieto performs his last Independence Cry

From an early hour, children, adults and young people, mostly wearing patriotic colors, came to the historic center of the city where the government palace is located.

Among the attendees there were those who took advantage of the Mexican night to show off their typical costumes.

After 10 o'clock at night, the sky of the first square of the capital was illuminated with the pyrotechnic fires.

There were visitors from other states of the country and municipalities of Coahuila, who concentrated to sing the National Anthem in the central square.

In that same stage some musical groups were presented.

According to the Public Security Secretariat of the state, there were more than 7,000 elements of the municipal and state police who participated in the surveillance of the traditional patriotic celebration.

There were no major incidents during the celebration that lasted until the first minutes of Sunday.


In CampecheWith a show of lights, music and fireworks, the 208th anniversary of the beginning of the Mexico's independence.

The sound of the replica of the Bell of Dolores that is in the top of the palace of government, remembered to the more than 25 thousand campechanos reunited in the Place of the Republic the independence deed.

At the celebration the attendees enjoyed a family atmosphere, with music, typical food of the region and traditional fireworks.

Very beautiful, beautiful lights, everything was very beautiful, I had many years that did not come and today I'm encouraged is very beautiful, beautiful, "explained Julia Pech, viewer.

The official ceremony began with honors to the National flag by elements of the tenth battalion of infantry of the Mexican Army.

"Well, father, very exciting, shout live Mexico." "Proudly Mexican and every year we come here to give the shout with our flags and everything," said Cecilia Cahuich, a spectator.

More than 1,500 policemen guarded the order and no incident was reported.

With information from Erika Palma, Alejandro Sánchez, Gerardo Sánchez, Juan Andrés Martínez and Antonio Morán




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