Thyssen-Krupp believes the steel business could merge with Salzgitter

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Martina Merz

“We trust each other, that’s a good basis for discussions.”

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Munich The industrial group Thyssen-Krupp considers a fusion of its steel business with its competitor Salzgitter possible. “Of course, many are interested in a German solution. We have a lot of creative freedom, ”said Thyssen Krupp boss Martina Merz of the“ Süddeutsche Zeitung ”(Wednesday).

According to the manager, she and Salzgitter boss Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann have known each other for a long time. “We trust each other, which is a good basis for discussions,” said the manager. However, she is pursuing all options and will not commit to one option too soon.

Merz does not rule out a sale of the division to Chinese investors. “I have often seen that solutions first raise concerns – and that this can change afterwards,” she commented on the speculation.

On Monday evening, Thyssen-Krupp announced that it could possibly develop its steel business – the heart of the group – together with a partner. Surrendering the majority is also an option. Merz admitted that after taking office last October, she initially planned to keep the steel division in the group. “Then Corona put a spanner in the works.” The Supervisory Board agreed unanimously to the new strategy. The group is currently not at risk of bankruptcy.

The manager gave shareholders hope that there could soon be a dividend again. It would be difficult to talk about a distribution in the next financial year. “But we’re aiming for a dividend for the following year,” she told the newspaper.

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