” Mwin the beginning cook since being p ti with my mum, ” says Fred Barret. Sitting on his chair, his mother nods approval.
It is necessary to start early to know how to prepare as good as curries. Here is the story of a man who has managed to keep the simplicity
and authenticity of the cuisine réunionnaise in the restaurant of the Small-island.

The family and close friends wished to celebrate the recognition and success of “In It Fred” consecutive to our range of gold February 2017. This was done Saturday the 6th of January last, in the presence of a few personalities, including the mayor of Small-island, Serge Hoareau, and Isabelle Alane, that is no more.

” It’s good to see it as it is, ” says Angelica Barret, the daughter of the chief. One out of 20 years of the galleys, he has worked so hard, often to earn a pittance. After a series of setbacks, and investments in non-conclusive, today he sees the end of the tunnel. It has a little more time for us, and we feel more serene. “

The life of self-taught chef started in the kitchen from a very young age, following in the footsteps of her mother. “We were ten children. In that time, it was misery. When we helped mom we always had a little reward, ” says Fred. Yet it is the mechanics that will first attract him. He will have even a garage, that it will eventually pass on to his boy. In fact, even if he spent a few years your hands dirty, both feet remain planted in our soil in reunion island, and all its wealth. He returned to his first loves, encouraged by his friends, his family and even his tenants, and opened a first small snack restaurant in the wake of (and in competition) of another well-known character in the area, and of The Meeting : Christian Antou. “Read navé his way of doing it, mwin na lé mine,” said Fred, who doesn’t want to be compared with the famous chef. “Our kitchen is already very good, very rich, why would you want to change it ? It is necessary to seek to improve while carrying on the tradition, and for this it is necessary to train the youth, including on how to cook on a wood fire. This is a strict method that requires us to be present and responsive, and who loses “, he adds. “We always knew that he was a very good cook “, incenses Angelic, with the consent of his mother and his brother. “He has always had a clientele of regulars who followed him, but the notoriety that came with this band of gold,” says the young woman, not to mention TripAdvisor, a representative who was a confessed ” to never having seen it “, noting that one hundred opinion overwhelmed, it kept five stars.

A new private space

Ti Fred has opened the path Paulette in march 2016. The book booking is now full, with 60 people per day. And sometimes it is necessary to book months in advance to be able to enjoy its incredible cod-brèdes songe, his civet zourite exquisite (the favorite dish of Angelic) or to the beautiful curry rooster, curry paw-pig or curry camarons au combava which we enjoyed at the party organized in his honor.

At the top of the room, Fred has developed a particular space, with a panoramic view to the Garden. A small corner can be privatized, where, on booking, you will be able to enjoy what he can do better with premium products. If it is solicited from all sides, his family is what he enjoys finally, it a. We agree. Better wants to take that run. Even if he admits to not being able to pass of activity, It Fred must be able to sit also. The guests understand that the restaurant is closed for a few days per year. On the other hand nobody will understand that the quality of the cuisine, which made its success, is crushed one day because he wanted to do more. Examples of restaurants that have grown fat of a sudden and the quality of which is no more-you do not lack.

“Ress com’ his mem, Ti Fred, tien bo, ‘ no !”. And that Natives and tourists can enjoy a long time of your welcome, your kindness and the excellence of your cuisine réunionnaise authentic.


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