Tian Rodríguez explains how to transform the mind to achieve financial tranquility

According to personal finance advisor Tian Rodríguez, mentality is the first obstacle to overcome to improve income. So in this episode of financial peace of mind, he explains how to transform the mind to create real change in managing money and achieving personal goals.

Recent studies have ventured into neurofinance, a branch of economic science that studies how human behavior affects financial decisions. Thanks to this, it has been possible to demonstrate that, in fact, decisions that have to do with exchanges of goods and capital depend on emotions, in addition to rationality. This means that the mentality of each person is intrinsically related to the management of their finances.

For this reason, Tian affirms that the greatest enemy or the best friend to achieve financial tranquility is the brain itself.. Awareness about emotional acts that make income less than expenses is the first step to improving finances. It is about making decisions with “slow, careful and analytical thinking”, as Arman Eshraghi, Professor of Finance and Investment at Cardiff University, said in an interview with the BBC.

Keep learning in the Play Week program, Financial Peace of Mind. In this space, the financial advisor Tian Rodríguez shares his knowledge and recommendations so that all people are able to find the path to financial and life transformation.

Sebastián (Tian) Rodríguez is an industrial engineer from the Universidad de los Andes and has dedicated himself to educating on different platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, about personal finances, investments and economics. On his platforms (@tianrodriguezlf) he has more than 40 thousand followers. His goal is to impact others with his leadership and personal story and his style is ‘unfiltered’ and direct so that people truly understand that the solution to their financial problems lies in their own actions.

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