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[Epoch Times November 23, 2020]On November 22, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a public statement about the US election. In an interview with national television, he said: “We will work with anyone trusted by the American people, but this Trust can only be given to a candidate whose victory has been recognized by the opposition party, or after the result of the (election) has been confirmed in a reasonable and legal way.”

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Putin’s words point out three key points, which are quite weighty. They are a blow to Biden and his team, and may prompt the foreign media and foreign leaders who follow the left media to make a fuss to reflect.

First, Putin talked about the “trust” of the American people. This is not aimless, but is aimed at protests against election fraud in various parts of the United States and a large number of testimonies confirming election fraud.

For more than two weeks, the world has seen that a large number of people in many states said that the Democratic Party had stolen the election. They did not recognize the results announced by the left media and that Biden won. This is not about winning or losing, but about election fairness. In addition, the protesting people unanimously expressed their admiration, praise, and support for President Trump. Such feelings are based on national interests and traditional morals, not personal feelings. Therefore, when talking about the trust of the people, which side has the upper hand?

On the other hand, the Democratic Party not only denies election fraud, but also obstructs the recalculation of legitimate votes and obstructs related legal proceedings. Do such a political party and its leaders deserve the people’s trust?

Second, Putin believes that in order to gain the trust of the American people, there are two conditions. First, the opposition party admits that it lost the election. However, the current situation in the United States is: President Trump has not conceded, but is trying to regain victory through legal proceedings. Not only that, many high-level politicians in the Republican Party did not recognize Biden as the “president-elect.” They stood firmly with President Trump and supported him in the fight to the end.

Third, Putin pointed out that another condition for gaining trust is that the election results should be reasonably and legally confirmed. The fact is that large-scale fraud was confirmed in this election, and at least millions of votes were tampered with. There were obvious errors or loopholes in the counting of votes in many states. The Trump campaign team has proposed recounting, auditing, and The state’s election results and other claims should not be certified. Related legal proceedings are still going on, and more evidence is still being collected and sorted. Obviously, the dust has not settled.

In view of the above analysis, Putin’s position is reasonable and legal, which reflects the prudence that a country’s leaders should respect the law and facts.

Putin is telling the truth. However, these obvious facts have been deliberately ignored or even distorted by the US left media and many foreign media. The left media denies the legitimacy of the Trump camp’s arguments and denies irrefutable evidence of fraud. Instead, they claim that the president’s refusal to admit defeat is “destroying democracy,” and the accusation of fraud is “unfounded,” and they also advise him to “leave gracefully.” The left media and the leftists fought back and went against legal procedures and fair competition.

Since Biden announced his election on November 7, surrounded by the left media, leaders of many countries have quickly congratulated him, including many Western democracies and governments strongly supported by the Trump administration. However, a few heads of state did not follow the trend, and their views were striking.

Slovenia’s Prime Minister Janez Jansa was the first to explicitly deny Biden. He wrote on Twitter: “It’s very interesting. Election lawsuits are filed in the states and the court’s decision is pending, but the mainstream media (non-governmental media) in the United States has taken the lead. Announcement of victory…”

Mexican President Obrador said at a press conference on November 7 that he would wait until the election process is over before making a decision. He also said, “President Trump has always respected us very much” and “We must respect the self-determination and rights of the (American) people.”

On November 11, Obrador said again that it is too early to congratulate Biden. He stated through the media: “The Mexican government is not a puppet of any foreign government.” “We cannot give any form of recognition to any illegally established government.”

In addition, Brazilian President Bonassolo and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un have remained silent so far, and their silence is also “loud.”

As a military power, Russia has both competition and cooperation with the United States, and its relationship with China is also very delicate, so Putin’s attitude in the election is even more eye-catching. He said that Russia’s refusal to congratulate Biden is just a “form” and has no ulterior motive. He does not think this will lead to the deterioration of US-Russian relations because “that has been destroyed.”

In October of this year, Biden told the media that he believes Russia is currently the biggest threat to the United States, and this argument runs through his campaign and the term of the vice president. Putin once called it “acrimonious anti-Russian rhetoric,” and replied, “It’s regrettable, we are used to it.”

Furthermore, in the four years since Trump took office, the leftists of the Democratic Party have consistently slandered him for “communication with Russia” and accused Russia of interfering in the US election.this year10After the Moon Hunter “Computer Gate” scandal was exposed, the left media and Biden also called it “Russian fake news,” but the witness and Hunter’s partner Tony Bobulinski (Tony Bobulinski) refuted it.

Russia has been repeatedly hacked. Will Putin look forward to cooperating with Biden from the heart?

Everyone should not forget that Putin publicly condemned the political persecution of the CPSU. On October 30, 2017, he spoke at the unveiling ceremony of the “Wall of Sorrow”: “Political repression is a tragedy for all our people and for the whole society. It is a heavy blow to our people, including its Foundation, culture and self-awareness. Until now we are still suffering the consequences of this persecution. Our duty is-not to forget.”

Putin is well versed in the ugliness of socialism and communism. Of course, he can distinguish whether the US election is fair and honest or a coup d’état after being corrupted by leftists’ fraud. He also knows very well whether the CCP and other foreign forces are stirring the water behind their backs. As commented by netizens, Putin’s statement on the US election is truly extraordinary.

Regrettably, many media and many politicians claim to support democracy and human rights, but they deliberately ignored facts, laws, and even abandoning morality during the major event of the US election. The prudence of a handful of leaders such as Putin is truly sober and shrewd.

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