Tiara Marleen’s attorney chooses to resign, mentions the bad nature of her client who deviates from the case

TRIBUNNEWS.COM Tiara Marleen has now been named a suspect, in the aftermath of the defamation case against Aunt Ardiansyah’s father, Faisal.

However, Tiara’s attorney, Firdaus Oiwobo, chose to resign.

Quoted from YouTube Cumicumi, Wednesday (22/6/2022), Daus explained the reason he chose to resign.

“The reason I resign is because I really think Tiara Marleen is willing to make peace with Haji Faisal.”

“Because she wants to follow her husband’s will, maybe both are Padang, there are various kinds of associations, I think so.”

“So I consider Tiara Marleen’s legal status to be conducive,” Daus explained.

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In fact, Tiara did not mind it.

“Then, after a while I announced my resignation.”

“I shared to him and social media, then he also admitted.”

“‘It’s okay, Bro, thank you very much’, that’s fine, you know,” he added.