Tiara time! Swedish and Spanish royalty look glamorous for a state banquet

Visit of members of the Spanish royal family to Stockholm

IBL / Shutterstock Spanish State visit to Sweden

When the Spanish and Swedish royal families reunite, get ready to shine!

The Swedish royal family hosted King Felipe and Queen Letizia from Spain on an official visit, which is never complete without a festive-style formal banquet. They met Wednesday night at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, but not before diving into their jewelery safes.

Queen Letizia, 49, wore a dark blue sleeveless dress topped with a large Fleur de Lys tiara and a matching brooch. The diamond headdress was a wedding gift to Princess Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg by her boyfriend, King Alfonso XIII of Spain, in 1906, and she wore it at their wedding.

Queen Letizia

BL / Shutterstock Queen Letizia

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were the hosts, while Silvia wore the Swedish Cameo Tiara. It is a favorite accessory of Queen Silvia: she wore it on her wedding day and her eldest daughter. Princess Victoria She followed in his footsteps by also wearing it at her 2010 wedding to Prince Daniel.

Visit of members of the Spanish royal family to Stockholm

IBL / Shutterstock Queen Silvia and King Felipe

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Princess Victoria, 44, chose a floral dress for an elegant evening. The future queen completed her stunning look with the Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara, which was worn by various members of the family, including Victoria’s younger sister. Princess Cupcake Through the years.

Visit of members of the Spanish royal family to Stockholm

IBL / Shutterstock Victoria, princess of Sweden

Princess sofia donning her own wedding crown clothing to shine with her white gaze, adding to her bridal atmosphere. Although the sparkler, a gift from King and Queen Silvia, was covered in emeralds as she walked down the aisle, the 36-year-old mother of three was with Prince Carl Philip. Replace emeralds with pearls.

Visit of members of the Spanish royal family to Stockholm

IBL / Shutterstock Sofia, Princess of Sweden

The Spanish monarch’s visit marks the first Spanish state visit to Sweden in more than 40 years, but the two monarchs have a distant relationship. King Carlos XVI Gustavo of Sweden and King Felipe VI of Spain are descendants of their grandmother’s Queen Victoria, Crown Princess Margherita of Sweden, and great-grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain.

The families’ agendas during the trip included visiting the Nobel Museum and seeing the two queens at the Karolinska Institutet.

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Holland ‘Princess Catherine Amalia has yet to wear a tiara in public, but her new approved bio revealed that the future queen has been trying on the headdresses of her mother, Queen Máxima, since she was a child and loves gems.

She told biographer Claudia de Brij: “I love tiaras. Show me a crown and I’ll know where it comes from. I can recognize all the tiaras in Europe. I used them from my mother. Then there would be one in it. makeup table and put it directly on my head.

She continued, “Anyway, I loved being with my mother’s jewelry. When I was very young. She was preparing for an important dinner and was shouting in the house: ‘Amalia, where is that ring?’ »« »