Tickets Still On Sale, Formula E Audience Capacity Accommodates 60 Thousand


The Organizing Committee for the Jakarta E Prix has officially sold Formula E Jakarta 2022 tickets since Sunday (1/5/2022). It is known that there are 60 thousand tickets provided.

“Some are divided in two, some are 20,000, some are 40,000, two parts are from the existing stands, there is a total capacity of 60 thousand for Formula E in Ancol,” said Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria at the DKI Jakarta City Hall Office, Monday. 10/5/2022).

He hopes that before the Formula E event begins, the tickets will be sold out. He also asked the public to enliven the Formula E event.

“Hopefully in the future the tickets that we hope will be purchased and the public can enliven it,” he said.

As previously reported, the sale of tickets for the Formula E race which was held on June 4 was carried out through the online sales portal The ticket price that is priced includes access to Ancol and various rides in it, including Fantasy World, Sea World, Atlantis, to Festival Beach.

Spectators who want to watch the 2022 Formula E Jakarta race can choose from four major categories, namely Ancol Festival, Circuit Festival, Grand Stand, and VIP-VVIP.

The cheapest ticket price is IDR 250 thousand for the Ancol Festival category. Meanwhile, the most expensive is set at IDR 10 million for the VIP and VVIP categories.

Overall, the Jakarta 2022 Formula E racing event will accommodate around 60 thousand spectators spread across various points of event location. Ticket sales are done online through the websites and

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