Ticks vaccine for children what it costs, when to refresh and side effects

Ticks vaccine for children what it costs, when to refresh and side effects

In the summer months ticks lurk more and more on their hosts in meadows or forests. To prevent infection, you should avoid vaccination. Those who are in a lot of tick areas, should now take special care: Finally, in the summer months high season of the bloodsucker. But with just a little prick, you can prevent it – by getting a tick vaccine. This is also recommended by the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO) at the Robert Koch Institute. Tick ​​vaccination in risk areas: Children according to STIKO from the age of 1 – and it costs The risk areas include, inter alia, parts of the country Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia , Especially travelers staying in risk areas abroad should consider vaccination. But also children can already from the first year of age be vaccinated. Tip: The Most statutory health insurance companies accept a tick vaccination , also called TBE vaccine. It is best to ask your local cashier if it bears the costs. They have committed themselves to a primary vaccination to prevent infection with the TBE virus (early-summer meningoencephalitis) or Borrelia bacteria: Barmer
DAK This is a Vaccine containing inactive TBE viruses , Mostly it is injected in a muscle (optionally on the upper arm). Then the patient’s body is forced antibody against the viruses. So he sets up his own immune protection against them. Then, when the emergency should actually arrive, he fends off the pathogen. Read all about Lyme disease – Symptoms, long-term consequences and neuroborreliosis , And here about meningitis – its causes, symptoms and treatment , TBE vaccination: So often you need to brush up on basic immunization – and when However, for a complete immunization at least three appointments needed : The first two vaccines will be given within one to three months. Mostly, the vaccine is effective 14 days after the second immunization. This means that the third party is then injected after about nine to twelve months. Then a basic protection is guaranteed. Nevertheless, you should have the vaccine regularly After five years (seniors better every three years) to refresh your doctor to let. However, anyone planning a tick vaccination before a major trip can also opt for a rapid immunization. You also have to appear on three dates, however, two vaccine preparations from different manufacturers are used. At a Quick immunization the second vaccination takes place after seven to 14 days, the third after three weeks or five to twelve months. Again, according to the pharmacy magazine Already two weeks after the second vaccination set first antibodies against FSME. But do not forget: The two vaccines must be refreshed every three to five years. However, here after one to one and a half years, a refresher is recommended. Learn here : Therefore, you should go to the doctor immediately after a tick bite if you have this redness , Tick ​​vaccination: Is it possible to expect side effects? As with many vaccines, there is always a residual risk that some patients will respond to the substance used. So it can directly after the doctor’s visit directly hurt at or around the puncture site , In addition, the skin can slightly redden and swell , However, any reactions should subside after a while. Things are different for people with one Hen egg allergy out. These can also be allergic to the tick vaccine. Therefore, you should report to your doctor before vaccination. This then decides whether you can still be vaccinated or if there are alternatives. also read : How to remove ticks properly , jp Attention: These are the eight most common mistakes about ticks

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