Tier and Freenow available on the same application

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The urban mobility of tomorrow will be resolutely multimodal and micromobility will represent an important part of the offer. In order to meet this growing demand, two German companies, Tier for scooters and Freenow for VTCs have joined forces to encourage local residents to use cleaner modes of transport, in particular for their short journeys.

Going out on scooters and back in VTC thanks to a single application and a single customer account, it was possible in Paris and Nice and it is now in Lyon since April 15 thanks to the Freenow application. Bordeaux should then be the next city where the service will be implemented. As a reminder, up to 5,000 VTCs and 2,000 scooters will be available via the application in the Rhône-Alpes capital, which already has 3 million users in France.

Finally, note that users of the application will be able to benefit from a 3×30% reduction thanks to the hellolyon code until June 30.

Freenow: available on IOS and Android.

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