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‘Ties of blood’ reviews the national heritage

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“I am a woman who has not felt an orgasm in my life,” she said. Lola herrera (86) in Josefina Molina’s film ‘Night function’ (nineteen eighty one); a confession, a slight to the father of her children Daniel saying, which will rescue this year the fourth season of the documentary program by Televisión Española and Tesseo Producciones ‘Blood ties’. The Valladolid actress, professional even personally, will star in one of the seventeen new installments; the first, tonight at La 1, with Maria Jimenez (71) with a present body and loud voice after being in a coma two years ago: «They have me asleep for three months and, when I woke up, I said to the doctor” You will see to sleep tonight! “

They will follow you this summer Maria Teresa Campos (80), in his brief return to TVE, El Fary and the so-called ‘jet set’ of Marbella, where the press of the heart began to do their thing in the seventies and eighties. For the rest of the deliveries, we will have to wait until September, but it is possible that the format will be tested in high season. «It is one of the summer successes of TVE; an unavoidable appointment that discovers the lives of the characters in the social chronicle “, the general content director of RTVE endorsed in its first public act, Amalia Martínez de Velasco. “Four years ago we started with a dream and it became the best summer premiere. 32 programs later and 17 pending issuance, elegance and truth are his hallmark “, summarized the production company Marta Manzano, grateful to those involved for showing –some– their houses and –all– their lives. “The eight episodes of the first season seemed like a lot to us and it became a brand,” added its director, Carmen Delgado placeholder image, who, as an interviewer, is fascinated by characters that come out of nowhere.

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This fourth season, the third for a Boris Izaguirre (Caracas, Venezuela, 1965) always in play as a presenter, it unleashes even more of that pompous and limited premise about family sagas. Because, as its producer Marta Manzano said during the presentation, not only blood makes ties, but also profession and friendship. The lineage like that of the Carmona and Grimaldi family is maintained, and a chic magazine profile like that of the deceased Marquis of Griñón, through his daughter Tamara Falco, and a Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’ that he unburdened himself to the cameras for more than two hours. As already confirmed last year, ‘Blood ties’ will be devoted to music, cinema and especially television with protagonists such as The dynamic duo, Those from the river, about to turn sixty years in the profession; Parcheesi,
Alaska, Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, Lina Morgan… «We are going to talk about everything: funny things, sad things, the past, the present … I want to have a great time, eh!», He advanced through a promotional video Concha Velasco; she, in her sauce, that is, in her theater.

Manuel Díaz & # 039; El Cordobés & # 039 ;, Boris Izaguirre and Los del Río, during the presentation of the fourth season of & # 039; Blood ties & # 039;  in a Madrid restaurant
Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’, Boris Izaguirre and Los del Río, during the presentation of the fourth season of ‘Lazos de sangre’ in a Madrid restaurant – RTVE

Amalia Martínez de Velasco boasted of the hundred testimonies for the new seventeen installments (Norma Duval, Silvia Abril, Ana Belén, Jose Corbacho, José Sacristán, etc.) and recalled the indispensable role of the RTVE historical archive; He also complimented his presenter, a regular on public television, of whom he highlighted his closeness. “This year we want you to feel very direct,” he commented on the discussion before and after the one-hour report. A year ago, for example, he was excited on set Tyou are Rabal remembering his parents Paco Rabal Y Asuncion Balaguer. “It is a way of pressing the emotions that the documentary leaves behind,” explained Boris Izaguirre about a unique format on TVE, but with imitators such as ‘Footprints‘in Telemadrid and ‘White ants’ on Telecinco, which returned last summer after almost a decade off the air.

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