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You can rely on Phillip Tietz and Luca Pfeiffer. SV Darmstadt 98 shows a mixed performance at Holstein Kiel, but thanks to the dream attack duo, the lilies take at least one point to southern Hesse.



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Darmstadt 98 with a draw in Kiel

Phillip Tietz from Darmstadt 98

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SV Darmstadt 98 got a point at Holstein Kiel on Saturday. The southern Hesse, who had recently won two games in a row, had a long time with the basement child of the 2nd Bundesliga and seemed unusually inhibited. After the hosts had taken the lead through Alexander Mühling (37th penalty), Lilien striker Luca Pfeiffer promptly equalized to make it 1-1 (40th). Victory would have been possible in the second half, but in seventh place, the southern Hessians are still in contact with the leading group.

Lilies start out too passive

The Lilien, with Erich Berko replacing the sick Benjamin Goller on the right flank, withdrew despite being favorites at the beginning of the game and left the initiative to the home side. The southern Hessians lurked and did not allow anything on the defensive. Kiel pressed without being dangerous. Darmstadt waited without exhausting itself. A fast-paced game did not develop at first.

As the first half progressed, however, the lilies increasingly lost control and presented themselves far too passively. From the game, the home side continued to struggle at the home premiere of their new coach Marcel Rapp. After a hand penalty caused by Matthias Bader, Mühling still put Kiel in the lead, which was not undeserved – and thus roused Darmstadt from their lethargy.

Coach Torsten Lieberknecht’s team shook themselves briefly and then showed why their offensive is the strongest in the whole league: just three minutes after being behind, Mathias Honsak, who appeared completely free in front of the Kiel goal, missed the equalizer (40′). . In the next attack, Pfeiffer did a better job after some nice preliminary work from his congenial partner Tietz and brought his team back into the game with his eighth goal of the season. Why not like this?

Tietz and Honsak have victory on their feet

In the second half, the 7,009 spectators in the Holstein Stadium then saw a much more open game. Both teams acted bolder and dared more from cover. On the Darmstadt side, Tobias Kempe (50′), Tietz (53′) and Pfeiffer, who hit the outside of the post, took the lead (54′). On the other side, Fin Bartels forced Lilien keeper Marcel Schuhen to do a brilliant job (62′), Benedikt Pichler headed just wide of the post (63′).

The final phase, in which things became more and more disordered after numerous changes on both sides, the lilies could still have won several times. Since Tietz (80th) and the very agile Honsak (82nd) ​​left two top-class players behind, the score remained 1-1. The lilies missed the leap to the top, but on Friday there is another chance for big points against the top team from Nuremberg.

Further information

Holstein Kiel – SV Darmstadt 98 1: 1 (1: 1)

Kiel: Dähne – Neumann, Wahl, Thesker – Reese (85. Skrzbyski), Erras, Kirkeskov (57. van den Bergh), Mühling, Porath (57. Holtby) – Pichler (85. Fridjonsson), Bartels (70. Mees)
Darmstadt: Schuhen – Bader, P. Pfeiffer, Isherwood, Holland – Kempe, Schnellhardt (74. Celic), Berko (66. Karic), Honsak (90. Seydel) – P. Tietz, L. Pfeiffer

Tore: 1: 0 Mühling (37th / FE), 1: 1 L. Pfeiffer (41st)
Yellow cards: Wahl, Erras, Kirkeskov, Mühling – P. Pfeiffer, Schnellhardt

Referee: Alt (Illingen)
Spectator: 7.009

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Further information

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