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Tiger, who killed and shot 13 people


The man-eating tigress, who terrorized the jungles of central India for two years, was shot but not without resistance.

A forest ranger shot a soothing arrow on Friday at the side of the six-year-old big cat, who is thought to have killed 13 villagers, but she grabbed his patrol car and a hunter shot her in the stomach with a single deadly bullet

The hunter shot himself out of "self-defense," according to a report.

The female tiger, who was the subject of a massive hunt with snipers, cameras, and a heat-seeking drone, was pulled out with the help of Obsession for Men, a Calvin Klein cologne, with a nocturnal civet pheromone attracting big cats, York Times reports ,

The Cologne, successfully tested for jaguars in the Bronx Zoo, was tethered in areas in the western state of Maharashtra where the killer tigress was probably submerged.

Officials hoped to keep her alive because she was traveling with two ten-month-old boys.

Hours later, the Tigress, identified by Rangers and Avni by animal rights activists as T1, saw a road near the village of Borati and a patrol team dispatched.

Although it was dark, the team recognized them by their stripes, which are like fingerprints for each tiger. Her boys were not with her.

The villagers saw on Saturday one of the boys who climbed a hill near the spot where T1 died, the Times reported.

The cat claimed her first victim in 2016.

In August, the tigress and her boys were blamed for the deaths of three people in Yavatmal, about 20 miles west of the village of Borati.

The authorities used DNA tests from the saliva of the bodies to link the killings with the tigress.

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