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Tiger Woods Wins Augusta Masters, 15th Grand Slam Title

The American golfer, who had put his career in brackets after four back operations, had not won a major tournament since 2008.

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Tiger Woods, after his victories at Augusta, April 14.
Tiger Woods, after his victories at Augusta, April 14. LUCY NICHOLSON / REUTERS

He had not won a major tournament since 2008. After eleven years of waiting, the American golfer Tiger Woods won on Sunday, April 14 the Masters of Augusta, his 15e Grand Slam title.

The "Tiger" returns to the top of his sport after four backstrokes between 2014 and 2017. He is now just three miles from another golf legend, Jack Nicklaus who holds 18 Grand Slam titles. By 2018, he had flirted with the victory in two major appointments, the British Open and the PGA Championship, which he had respectively ranked 6e and 2e.

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"It's special, it took patience in recent years, but also during the last three days"he acknowledged.

"This is clearly one of the biggest victories to come after all that has happened in recent years. Regaining this title, twenty-two years after my first coronation here, it's surreal, I can not be happier, I have no words to describe what I feel. "

Diabolical precision

Woods, second early in the day with two shots of Italian leader Francesco Molinari, nauseated Sunday competition with three birdies between holes N.13 and N.16. While the latter was sinking by sending his ball in the water room bordering the hole N.15, Woods released the big game at the most important moment. He took off with devilish precision in his short game and putting and turned the polished public of the very select Augusta national golf glub into a vociferous and over-excited crowd, conscious of attending a historic event.

Only sixteen months ago, such a scenario seemed impossible indeed. When he returns to the greens in January 2018, after several failed attempts and four back operations, including an arthrodesis, a painful fusion of vertebrae, the one who is considered the greatest golfer in history is in limbo.

"I was so apprehensive when I hit the ball and give it allhe explained in 2018. My doctors had told me that everything was OK, but I had to regain confidence, it took time because I did not want to hurt me any more, I did not want to feel the pain anymore. " It will quickly find its marks, finishing in particular 2e of the Valspar Championship in March 2018. And in September, he won his first PGA Tour victory in five years by winning the Tour Championship.


Between 1996 and 2008, Tiger Woods outrageously dominated his sport, pocketing 14 Grand Slam titles and taking golf to another planet. Then the machine stopped. In 2009, the revelation of his many connections marks a first stop in his career.

Forced by his sponsors to make a public apology, his image crumbles seriously. It will take four years to find the N.1 world chair and, in 2013, manages to become the highest paid sportsman in the world according to the economic magazine Forbes, which estimates at $ 1.5 billion the total of its gains since its pro debut in 1996.

It is then his physique that abandons him. Touched on the back, he was operated for the first time in 2014 but his swing disintegrated, his mind wavers and his level worried. He re-feeds the news item by being arrested, asleep driving his car, under the influence of a cocktail of drugs and anti-depressants one evening in May 2017 in Florida.

But Woods finally got up and swept the doubts one afternoon of April 2019 to Augusta, 22 years after his first success on this same course.


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