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A woman, originally from Memphis (United States), has gone viral on social networks after revealing that she has 11 children from eight different parents and that, in addition, she plans to have 19 more children to reach 30 offspring.

The woman, named Phi and whose Tik Tok account is found with the username @phieudoraa, He told this social network that he has received countless criticisms for having procreated with eight different men.

His controversial videos have allowed him to reach more than 100 thousand followers on the platform. At the beginning of August, the user commented on the benefits that, according to her, she had the fact that her children had different fathers: “If you have a parent and you take away one, you have zero. But if you have eight and take away three, there are still five left. If they only had one father and he, by chance, left or died, my children would not have a dad, but if I have eight and three leave or die, my children still have five, “he joked.

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Given the opinions of Internet users, there are those who brand her as irresponsible. She this woman she assured that she has decided to ignore her negative comments about her family, but she is already tired of them.

Others accuse her of having so many children only with the aim of receiving government subsidies, for which she assured that the only benefit she received was 10 dollars a month for each child (about 50 thousand pesos in exchange for today).

He has also received comments about the lack of a father figure and how this can affect the little ones, whose age or identity is not known. “You try to make it look like a crime,” he replied.

Similarly, in another of the clips, Phi assured that she planned to continue having children: “I want to have another 19 to reach an even number, 30,” she commented.

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