TikTok announces European data protection measures due to security concerns | Reuters

The operator of the Chinese video-sharing app TikTok has announced measures to safely manage customer data in Europe. The photo is an image. Photographed in August 2022 (2023 REUTERS/Dado Ruvic)

[ロンドン 8日 ロイター] – The operator of the Chinese video sharing app “TikTok” has announced measures to safely manage European customer data. Concerns about information leaks regarding the handling of the company’s data are spreading in Europe and the United States, and regulatory pressure is increasing.

TikTok announced a countermeasure named “Project Clover” at a press briefing on the 8th. It said it would start managing European user data within the region this year and continue the transition until 2024.

As part of this effort, the company will open a second data center in Ireland, and will open another in Norway.

Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy at TikTok,

Theo Bertram stressed that the company is “compliance-focused” and said it was open to advice on effective data protection from governments, regulators and experts.

The company also said it would reduce the transfer of European customer data out of the region and limit access to employee data.

TikTok also has a data protection measure in the US dubbed “Project Texas”.