TikTok contradicts rival Triller: no takeover talks | NOW

TikTok says Monday CNBC not to be in talks with his US rival Triller for a takeover. According to Triller, a bid has indeed been made.

“We are not and will not be in talks with Triller,” a spokesperson for TikTok said. CNBC. “But we’re flattered that Triller admires us so much.” The company also says it has not received a takeover bid.

However, Triller CEO Bobby Sernevesht reports that those statements by TikTok are incorrect. “We have confirmation that TikTok director Zhang Yiming and other executives within parent company ByteDance are aware, there is indeed correspondence.”

TikTok is forced in the United States to sell the American arm of the company to an American company. If not, the popular video app will be shut down in the country. President Donald Trump’s administration is concerned that TikTok is passing information from US users to Chinese authorities.

Bloomberg wrote last weekend that Triller, an American app similar to TikTok, had made a takeover bid for TikTok’s branches in the US, Australia, New Zealand and India. According to an insider, the company would like to deposit 20 billion dollars for this.

‘We don’t pretend to make an offer’

“We’re not kidding,” Sarnevesht says CNBC. “We’re not pretending to make an offer, that makes no sense. This is very confusing, but I think there is just a delay in the data they are getting in and how they are sharing that information.”

Sarvenesht does not want to say how high Triller’s offer is. He does, however, say that he wants to transfer TikTok users and videos to Triller.

ByteDance is now in talks with Microsoft and Oracle, among others. The takeover must be arranged by September 15.


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